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My friend had nearly 100% with a packet of white cosmos seeds and gave some to all her friends including me. I dotted them round the garden for late colour and when the September came I put my chocolate cosmos which was in a pot beside one of these for a bit of shelter. The two complimented each other so well I shall try this planting scheme next year and have taken cuttings of the chocolate one to use all over the garden if they take.
I too have large 7ft cosmos - lovely and bushy but with no flowers for the first time. I would love to know why.
cosmos plants are great expecially in zinc garden planters I found some on really worth looking around for the best prices.
After a Gardening Club here at my house there were three cosmos plants left behind which no-one had wanted. I planted two against the south facing wall of my house and one on the west facing wall with the postbox in it. They have been wonderful - unbelievable amount of beautiful, very very tall, light and dark pink flowers and still flowering now. I live in Central Brittany, and the weather is still mild at the moment. They were free, but the value has been tremendous and I will definitely sow seed next year and have more of them.


I have several shades of pink cosmos & a white they are all the five petal one shade sort, Q what do i do with the Winter coming do i leave them in or dig them out, they are still flowering. I would apprectiate some help on this please.
i have a fungus problem a white squidgy substance has killed my impatiens and petunias in my flower border i am worried it will attack the cosmos etc next what can i do to get rid of this fungus i dont want it to affect my border for next years planting
I love Cosmos too and grew them successfully in my old garden in the suburbs of Duboin. I moved to the country and my first attempt at Cosmos hasn'e been inspriring - I raised some indoors and planted them out early in the summer - the local rabbits made short work of them so I fenced off the area with chicken wire . The remaining plants are still flowering their socks off - then I sowed some directly but had only about 5 plants. The rabbits got 4 out of five but I have used a new product "Grazer" to deter them. It makes the plants unpalatable to the rabbits. It worked fine at first and my lonely plant produced a wonderful cerise bloom - there for one day before the bunnies struck again. That plant now has half a dozen buds so I am applying the Grazer every day in the hopes they may be left alone!

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