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I have couch grass around the fruit bushes on my allotment. I've tried removing it by hand but there's always some remains to raise it's ugly head again. If I put a membrane down and covered that in stones would that get rid of it?
We rotavated our allotment today yes rotavated very deep and thoroughly , had some couch grass at home in borders to but never find it to be as a big a problem as everyone says , just like anything you have to keep on top of it like all weeds.

I had couch grass in a big area of the garden of the house I live in when I moved in  13 years ago, it took me 4 years to dig it out.  Thankfully the soil was very light so could get rid of any bits that broke off.  I now have part of it as a veg garden and the other part has got edging slabs and is gravelled with my geranium (cranesbills) collection around it looks lovely all summer.  Have bought a new arbour seat to go there as I get the sun most of the day and evening.

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