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Can anyone tell me why my courgettes and cucumbers start growing great then the leaves go white just like paper. am getting fresh growth with courgetts and some fruit but have lost all my cucumbers. Many thanks.
my marrows wont grow any bigger than 8 inches other ppl on the allotment have told me to use shandy because it grows better when watered with because they like beer is this correct
My courgettes are in the polytunnel and are OK, but my Crown Prince Pumpkin is outside, and most of the female flowers seem to be getting filled with rain before they can get pollinated. Any suggestions Please.
Thanks for the information. I did not know what was causing the rot, particularly with a bright green club shaped variety. No mildew though.
We have not had too much rain in the part of sussex where i live and my courgettes have been very good i`ve even sold some to a local restaurant and i only have 2 plants. I just cut off the mildewy leaves.


Thanks for the info Pippa! We have had this problem, growing courgettes under plastic this year. Do you mean that you remove the flowers and leave the courgettes on the plant to grow more or when the flowers start to rot is it time to remove the courgettes from teh plant? Thanks
Help - please advise what wood preservative is safe to use on rough wood used for a raised bed. I will be growing fruit and vegetables in this. Thanks.
My courgettes eventually rotted, although not before getting a good crop. I thought it was blight, as the rot behaved like my blight-riddled toms.
My courgette leaves have gone grey, at first I thought it was dust but it's getting worse, is this the rot/ mildew people are talking about?
it certainly sounds as if it is mildew, and cutting off the worst affected leaves will help to limit spread, a lot of gardeners also swear by spraying the infected foliage with milk ! Not tried it myself, as generally I find the mildew arrives pretty late in the season. And yes, it is just the slightly soggy flower that you need to rmeove, not the developing courgette!
iv tried spraying milk on my mildew infested gooseberries and it worked a treat. just diluted, 1part milk to roughly 9parts water, 2applications in a week seemed to clear it right up.easy
Can I grow Broad Beans in Pots/Grow bags in november in an unheated greenhouse? - cheers - bob
My squash plants are huge, with lots of flowers, but the flowers are dropping off before the fruit is formed - can you please advise?

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