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I'd like some tips about how to grow potatoes in containers
Hope to get a better summer this year then!
I'm growing courgettes for the first time this year. I've put them in pots as I don't have a lot of room in the garden. I keep checking them over and found a bit of grey mould on the leaves so I cut them out. Hope I get some courgettes to eat!!
i love this artical because every year i get this with my cougettes so its very help ful
Hi I’m growing courgettes for the first time this tear, and all I’m growing is massive leaves with large flower on long stems, out of 4 plants there are 3 fruits. PS is it ok to cut off leaves. Can you help? Siorapwil


how deep should i have planted my beetroots as some of them are laying on their side. they were started from seeds in a small pots
GrowmoreMoe wanting to know how to tell the difference in Male and Female courgettes I have lots of lovely flowers but only one of two of my plants are producing and fruit
This article has been very helpful as I have just found this problem on one of my courgettes. Thanks.

siorapwil, why do you want to cut off the leaves?  The leaves of the plants are the powerhouses.  If you cut them off the plant will not thrive.  By all means cut off tired, dying leaves, but leave the other leaves alone!.

GrowmoreMoe, female courgettes look like little courgettes just behind the flower.  There are always more male flowers before there are female ones.

latestarter, the beetroot will sort themselves out.  Well, they usually do.  Most seed packets give too great a depth for seed planting I find.

I have just one courgette plant left after this year's awful weather. Found the second to last yesterday with not a single leaf or flower, just chewed stumps. Is it too late to sow more seeds?!
My courgettes are only putting out male flowers any
answers to why?

I am growing  courgette's for the first time  I a large pot seam to be doing ok plenty of flowers  small  courgettes form to about size of a good Brussels, and then drop of. Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong. 

                               Thank you  Mrs M    

They drop off because they have not been pollinated. Give them time. They need a little time to get into their stride than you will be overwhelmed if they are happy.

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