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Did you know that parsley has three times as much vitamin C as oranges? Or that it has twice as much iron as spinach? It also has high levels of vitamin K, vitamin A and folate. In fact, there are dozens of other plants and herbs filled with nutrients we are ignoring in our modern world.
Cow Parsley was in abundance at the Chelsea Flower Show 2010. I can't wait to see what plants will feature this year. I'll be going over the weekend and will put some photos up shortly. The Enduring Gardener (
Thank you for the blog mention. I love cow parsley - its smell is distinctive, if not exactly delightful, and so many insects can be found on it. And best of all, it signals the proper arrival of spring. It was lovely to meet you at Malvern!
Does anyone know why it is called cow parsley? I have heard it is because it grows as tall as a cow - or because cows do not eat it so it tends to grow with them in a field....

It's a rampant weed here - I've just glyphosated a whole load in one of my borders



I was thinking of putting some in my newly sown meadow (only a small area) becasue I love it so and for the wildlife but now I'm having second thoughts!  Might go with one of the cutivars mentioned instead

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