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I love this plant! Very clean looking, native and great for insects. Can't go wrong really. If you like this you will also love Orlaya grandiflora. One of my favourites from last year. I've seen some great pics from Malvern! Ryan (
Just a word of warning - if you're growing carrots, get rid of the cow parsley - as far as I know it attracts the blighters.
Hurrah - when I saw you'd posted on this, I immediately thought 'Cow Mumble', so it's great to see you've linked to HM's post :)
Cow Parsley or Queen Anne's lace takes me back to my mothers garden. It grew in the far back corner for many years.
Hi, a question and help needed please if anyone can help. Purchased a 4 tier mini greenhouse a few years back (have 2 so will have the same problem again). Mine are larger than the ones on the market and i need a new cover. All the new ones are 690mm width and i need a 890mm width. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look? I have run out of ideas and sites to look at. Many thanks


I just happened to come across [url=]this[/url] bizarre version of your post, James (if I've managed the link stuff properly). It looks like its been through Google Translate a few times. I shall now start referring to cow parsley as 'cow utter indistinctly". I also like 'Davey Jones's locker purple". I should be working.
I've just come across a [url=]wonderful version[/url] of your post, James, which looks like it has had a couple too many trips through Google Translator. I'm now going to start calling cow parsley 'cow utter indistinctly'. I also like the reference to 'Davey Jones's locker purple leaves'.
Grrr - embedded link didn't work on my last comment.
Cow Parsley introdued itelf into my front garden (a wild area under tall trees) last year. I love it. It grows where nothing else does, it is tall and white. Long may it stay.
when I was a child on the Essex Suffolk border I had to collect a sackful of rabbit food every evening. They loved cow parsley but cow mumble was a different plant, also eaten by by the rabbits, but not as popular. I wonder if I would be allowed to wonder the fields and hedgerows - alone- now. Besides dandelions my rabbits also like ground elder, bindweed, dock leaves and hardy geraniums!
oops. I have just dug up loads on the allotment. I didn't know what it was and, though pretty, I felt it would be better composted. You live and learn....
The cow parsley on Bristol Downs is beautiful this year - large spreads disappearing into bushes and trees. If it had been planted instead of just finding itself a home it liked I bet it would not be quite as successful.
Would love to see more info on native wild plants particularly edible ones and how to cook them.
The Somerset banks are awash with this, at its best now. I also like the old fashioned names which are very suitable, Queen Anne's Lace and Ladies Lace.
i thing they nist plant and look in flower and work garden cen see them in flower now


Can anyone help i have loads of cow parsley in my garden although i agree it is lovely it has seeded it`s self everywhere amongst other plants. Does anyone have an idea how i can get rid of this other than digging it up which i did in the autumn but it`s back with a vengence. Thanks gina posted 4th june 4.46pm
Gina: Keep on digging. Sorry, there is no instant cure. They have long thick taproots so dig them when they are small. Also cut off the flowers before they set seed otherwise the problem will just get worse.
I am trying to encourage bluebells under some deciduous trees in a shady area of the garden but they are being drowned out by cow parsley - what can I do?
Hi Glyn. Remove the cow parsley and plant the bluebells 'in the green' about now. Cow parsley is biennial and if you dig it up before seeding itself then it will not be there next year. Perseverance is almost always the answer.
I would like to read more on that blog soon. BTW, pretty nice design you have here, but how about changing it from time to time? Summer Andersen