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I want a pond named after me, or at least a bit of wet meadow — bugman's bog perhaps?
I am very honoured and so extremely chuffed, that for once I have nothing else to say x x x
I do feel that Bradbury Water would be an ideal site for some life-size plastic camels.


great story! are there any possibilities for making a small article about if and how to make a pond when you really do not have a lot of water...? like a "seasonal" pond or something? thank you!
InsanID: Thank you. Such compliments are always welcome when you get to my age! Richard: I promise that the next pond I make will be named after you.Maybe all the GW Bloggers will eventually have their own: Pasco's Plash, Pippa's Pool, Lila's Lido, Kate: Pleasure is mine. Of course it also means that you are responsible for pulling out the blanketweed. Amy Lou: Thank you. GHero; No camels, thank you very much. Wildlife Gardener: Seasonal ponds are a bit tricky in gardens as they look great in winter and at times of good rainfall but a bit scummy in summer. I fields they have their place but you do not want to have to look at an empty pond too much. It is, of course, possible to have a smaller pond that can be topped up with a hosepipe
Hi James, want a bit of advice please. I am building a wildlife pond as soon as is practical, so is it best to do it this Autumn, or wait till the spring. The hundreds of frogs on my lawn are itching to get started.
what is the plant in my pond that is green and looks like hair,is it bad for my pond
Jenny, I'm not an expert, but it sounds like blanket weed to me. It is a real pain and you should remove as much as you can. My wildlife pond has recently been infested with it (from a nursery bought plant, I believe). Use a cane with a rough end to twirl into the weed and pull it out. I don't think it is possible to eradicate it completely without drastic measures, but you can keep on top of it if you remove as much as you can, as often as you can. I'm going to remove all the weed from this pond (leaving it on the side for a day so any wildlife can crawl back into the water) and replace it with some surplus weed from my separate fish pond which is problem free. Good Luck!
Hi James, I just love your articles and your wonderful and eloquent writing, so refreshing after horrible "text speak!" Regarding wildlife ponds, we made one a year ago and it is a joy with frogs, newts, water boatmen and pond skaters and a communal bath for many and varied birds. We even had a visit by two ducks before it was planted up! I don't mind the blanket weed and find it good fun to twirl it round a stick and see how clear the water is on removing it. Sometimes I use a small fishing net and one day netted 5 baby newts which caused great excitement! Please keep up your literary genius!
I have a pond right outside my patio doors,it was a driveway! it gives us great pleasure ALL year round,and once planted up cost nothing,we watch our fish swimming,all year so I dont think ponds are seasonal,we have planted evergreens ect. it is surrounded by wood decking but still looks natural.You will never regret a pond ,frogs ,birds bathing,we even had 2 ducks pay us a visit!Bats swooping,all in a suburban street.

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