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It's a great trick to show the packets of froth to children. Wiping off the bubbles with a blade of grass reveals the pale green nymph inside. Then if you wait, they start to blow bubbles again, gyrating their tails as they lather up.
Yes, Sandra. Buddleia globosa is yellow, but as the name suggests, the flowers are globe-shaped, unlike the purple kinds.
I am growing peppers in my greenhouse and I have noticed that the leaves are getting little holes in them, rather as if they have been eaten by something. I can't see any sign of any flies or bugs anywhere and I just wondered if anyone had any ideas or come across this problem before, and more importantly, any remedies! Thanks for your help.
I've got a "Pitcher Plant" in a large pot in the garden. I've had it for about seven years, I leave it out all the year round, all weathers and as long as I give it rain water to drink and flies to eat, it's OK.

This year it has flowered....amazing. It's getting a bit large for the pot now, so I could pot it up....but can any one tell me if it's possible to split it ? What's the best way to do it? Can I collect the seed and grow from seed?

I have a 15 yr old Daphne in the garden whose leaves begin to fall after the green berries have formed. Therefore no red fruit in autumn or leaves.This has happened for two years. is she past her sell by date or is there another reason? she is flanked by a miniature lilac and a hosta at the base of the bush. should I prune back?


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