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So happy to read your comments. Now I know what it is, I found it on the lavander, never seen before. I too have all sorts of wild life in my garden. Love all of it. Hope it will be OK to leave it alone and will not affect other plants?
I think you need to take a closer look at those leaf miners next - they're just as fascinating as cuckoo spit, if not more so. Plenty of info here:
Hello, I am a first time gardener and have noticed cuckoo spit on some of my plants. I just love all your inputs! I can now be rest assured it's not something I need to worry about! And I've seen a blue tit for the first time in my teensy tiny patio garden this morning! I simply can't explain how completely excited I am about it! Any suggestions as to what I may do to encourage the tit to come back?
Dear Sushmitadutta Get a birdfeeder and some sunflower seeds from any reputable birdfood supplier and you'll see the blue tit again and s/he will bring his friends! Best wishes Anne
hi sushmitadutta,once you start putting nuts out for our feather friends please continue to do so,as they use up a lot of energy flying to your garden for there daily food,also make sure there is fresh water as they enjoy a drink,also if you have room maybe a birdbath or just a large plastic saucer[the ones like you put a pot plant on..] i hope you enjoy watching them you will be surprise just how many will follow your blue-tit... good luck....


Cuckoo spit, first I thought someone was spitting in our garden, good job I didn't blame the neighbours. I saw the insects today, they look like small brown wood lice. Very interesting. We have lots of red and black butterflies too.
Hi everyone! I have found this blog on tiny insect poo fascinating!!!! I too have transformed a bare garden into something resembling a cottage garden, it's been fun and isn't finished as gardens never are! We get many sparrows and the occasional blue tit...last year went out and bought peanuts for them and they completely ignored the nuts.The blackbird and robin that used to visit have gone disappointing...might have something to do with the local cats!!
i removed some cuckcoo spit today from my lavender bush and i found a green froghopper in it...i then replaced it back on the stem...... hope froggie was to put out....
I never knew it was called cuckoo spit because it is usually seen when the cuckoos are active in the spring - thanks Ena. And nice article Kate ! Stephanie (
Many thanks for your comments on cuckoo spit.I am a first time gardener and wondered if aliens had visited my patch during the night.I will be watching with great interest to see what happens next.

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