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We have at least one in the valley below us, which we can hear when the wind is easterly. They missed a year last year, but were there the year before. They seemed to arrive almost a month late this year - well into June, if our local cuckoo fair at the beginning of May is anything to go by!
hello pippa I would very much like call upon your gardening skills, in the diagnosing of a problem I have in my greenhouse. I am a first time grower, and have noticed that the leaves on the tomatoes plants I am Growing are starting to turn yellow.I also have four strawberry plants,and there leaves are drying out and turning brown. Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of fungal infection. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Respectfully Wheelbarrowman.
Yes, I gather that cuckoos are being heard less widely this year, lets hope it is just a 'blip' and that there will be plenty more about next year!

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