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I'm going to be feeding my blind daffodils but am less confident of being able to dig them up. A few seem buried so deeply now, some of them well into the roots of Clematis, I'm afraid of killing the clems if I dig through their roots too violently! Pippa any idea what this shaggy daffodil is? I posted a pic of it on Twitter this morning but no takers yet to help me identify it. I know there are plenty of wild variations and maybe it is nameless. It's originally from Mull off the west coast of Scotland. Sheila Averbuch -- Stopwatch Gardener
my garden has been so cold and water logged, I thought my daffodils wouldn't survive this year ,but there they are looking as lovely as ever, I have lost a lot of the plants in my garden though.sad but true.
Hi Pippa, Most of my daffs are blind this year - can you recommend an organic foliage feed please? To be honest, they are cheap DIY store 'One Year' bulbs that I never dug up 4 years ago (and they are pretty crowded as I've just chucked more 'one year' bulbs in over the past few years, except last year), so are they reasonably at the end of their lives and should be replaced, or is there life in the old buggers yet? Many thanks!
Do you know what is eating and destroying the flower heads on our Daffs.particularly the Tete Tete. I have not noticed Birds causing the damage. They are ruined and only in the rear garden. Thank you.
New to this gardening.....did I read somewhere that once the daffodils have flowered when they are on the decline to take off the head, so it won't seed and the goodness will then go into the leaves and bulb for the following year, and to remove the whole of the stalk too?


I was brought up with a legend about the daffodil is the king of the marsh- wearing the gold crown. It is great, just saw a landscaping blog from north usa were magnolias are in full bloom- they are bit a head.
Can anybody tell me when I should plant crocus bulbs? My wife has seen them dotted around lawns and fancies them in one of ours. When we bought our cottage, it came with a couple of hundred feet of gardens, and I'm afraid I'm only a novice gardener so far
Hi, My Salomy daffs opened this week end ,thought they were all yellow but on closer exam were pale pink inside trumpet different but still prefere good old yellow. Al
Can anyone help please. We have a forsythia shrub in our garden which has been there for 10 or more years. This year the flowering is sparse and there are ball like clusters along the branches, I dont know if this is a disease. If so what can be done. All comments will be helpful.
I am a litle confused. I always understood that daffodil folliage should be allowed to die away before tearing away from the ground. This week's news suggests cutting back foliage to allow for summer planting. If I do as suggested will I prevent flowering next Spring. Thanks in advance.
Many of the daffodils were blind this spring so in an attempt to rid the garden of bindweed I've dug them all up. Has anyone any ideas what is best to do with them now? replant them, cut them, dry them out?
I picked loads of beautiful narcisus and daffodils yesterday but discovered dozens of tiny black beetles deep in the trumpet of every one. Does anyone know what they are, what damage they do and how to get rid of them? Thanks
What do I do to my Daf's no they have finished flowering?


Alina W

Take off the dead flowers just below the swelling and then leave the leaves alone for 6 weeks so that the energy can go into the bulb to form next year's flowers. You can also give them a good feed - any balanced fertilizer will do, e.g., Growmore, Miraclegro, chicken manure pellets. After 6 weeks you can cut off the remaining leaves; make sure that you brush compost into the hole left to block it and so avoid narcissus fly getting into the bulb.

Treated this way you daffodils will last for years and never need replacing.

To the previous poster, the beetles are pollen beetles and do no harm.

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