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I already have narcissus and hyacinth bulbs in a shared pot from last year - I'd like to move the hyacinth bulbs into a pot of their own and try this layering project with the leftover narcissi and some crocus bulbs I have. Will it work if I dig the bulbs up? I don't want to kill them as they've been in their pot a year now....any guidance appreciated. Thanks.
As far as I know, digging bulbs up and replating them at this time of year should not be a problem. I would give it a go, and look forward to a lovely spring display. Good luck.
Hi, I have an acer growing in a large pot, its not done very well, with the leaves going green on the underside and then shriveling up from the outer edges. When I enquired at our local garden centre, it turns out I havent planted in the correct compost. When would be the best time to replant? Thanks Helen
Very helpful and pretty.. I'm a beginner so everything and anything you do is helpful. XOXO TULIPS


This is very helpful. BUT, I'm looking for advise for next year. Our daughter will be getting married late June. I want to have our back garden in tip top condition - pots and containers everywhere with gorgeous strong colours on display. I'm a novice with regard to this, so any/all help advise will be appreciated.
Helen Louise repot your Acer in spring just as it's showing signs of growth using ericacious compost & also mix in some slow release feed for acid loving plants. You can buy this in most garden centres it looks like little coloured balls. Make sure you only use rain water to water it or you will be putting lime back in the soil by using tap water & then you'll have to re pot it again!
What should I do with pot grown crocus after flowering?

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