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brill i have just seen my first LIVE frog in my pond,hopefully it will survive the cold weather that is on its way...[so im told snow is on its travels].
I was incensed to discover 3 half eaten frogs on my back lawn just before Chrismas. Don't know if it is cats or seagulls killing them!!
Glad to hear you've have found a live frog, Sarah. Let's hope the population rights itself quickly. My frogs are nowhere to be seen ... it's the not knowing that's worrying me!
hi kate,was it to early to see a live frog,should it be still hibernating...coulds someone tell me when i should see movement from the hedgehog house?as i have no idea and im a bit worried about it,also if it comes out alive should i put food out for it,if so what food......and do i keep it indoors in a box until the cold snap goes??????
Hi Sarah, frogs tend to slip in and out of winter torpor, which isn't hibernation as such. So your frog might go back to sleep again with all this snow. I think generally all hibernating creatures will emerge later this year than other years as it's been so cold. I certainly haven't seen any bumblebee queens yet, last year there were loads on the wing by now (where I live, anyway). I would definitely put food out for your hedgehog if you see it out - as it will be starving - but otherwise don't, as it might coax it out of hibernation early. That's my guess, anyway. The following link may be helpful:


We cleared out the dead leaves and some of the rotting sediment/plants from after the big freeze. Found one dead frogs and had 2 daed fish but found 4 alive frogs - two of which mated after they were rudely awoken and 4 newts also so not all bad news :)
My pond has live newts in it (several seen last evening by torchlight), but not so many frogs last year as in previous years. Advice needed please, I would like to make my pond larger but not disturb the existing pond - I thought a bog area to join the two? Any other ideas?
We were very sad to find a dead frog in our small pond but cheared up today when we found three live & very fat frogs. So hoping for lots of frog spawn !!!
I have just fished out of my small pond 22 large, bloated frogs. I was worried that they had died of some terrible disease but now know otherwise. I know what to do next year if we have ice! What a help these blogs are. Thank you.
Found 30 dead frogs in the pond this weekend and most of the fish have died over the winter. Out of 35 fish we only have 7 or 8 small ones the large fish and koi all died with the first cold snap. Very sad.
hi people,was just wondering i have frogs in my pond but as of yet still no frogspawn...has anyone got spawn yet or is it still to far ive only seen 4/5 live frogs as many died in the severe snow we all had..not seen my newts either i think they have died.
Although we lost over 70 frogs we now have at least 20 males and they started spawning today. Pleased to say that the majority of the baby fish seem to have survived.
when you say you on top of each other [frogsex],,,[sorry but not sure].as i have seen my frogs ontop of each other for about a week,but nothing to show for there efforts.


What you are seeing is typical male behaviour, they will grab at anything, mostly other males. You have just got to wait for a female to arrive and voila, frog spawn!
oh thankyou,have just been out in my garden and the frog is still on top of each other i thought that it might of got stuck[lol],i reckon then that the female frogs have died in the severe weather,so i guess i will not get any frogspawn,my dad says its too late for frogspawn now? is that true...i had 3 newts last year but havent seen them at all this year.
Just be patient it is not too late, the males always arrive several weeks before the females. Ours only started spawning this week.
still no frogspawn!!but plenty of i now know male frogs,there were lots on my lawn last night all hoping around.still no signs of my 3 newts.they must have died.
I decided to leave my pond filter running all winter, and glad I did as it kept half the pond free from ice. So I lost no fish at all and have seen 4 live frogs recently, no dead ones. We had a lot more frogs until about 5 years ago when a grass snake took up residence! But that's another story. Happy to report that this afternoon I saw frogspawn in the pond. I love newts and we have always had them in the garden. Not seen any this year yet, but ours seem to hibernate under the many rocks on the rockery, so I shall expect to see some in the pond later in the year.