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I have collected 19 dead frogs from the area around my pond in the last week Any ideas?
blimey pat thats a lot of dead ones...i reckon its cause of the severe weather.anyway still NO frogspawn in my pond 'ive given up any hope'...boho.
I have spotted to large bumble bees in the garden recently during the mild, sunny weather. However, the following day it had turned cold and damp and I noticed two dead bees, presumably the same ones. Can I assume that it was the weather, or are we still having a decline in the bee population. I am in south-west Scotland.
yippeeeeeeeeee ive now got frogspawn,,,,not much of it but at least i got some so hopefully they will grow and replace my frogs that died in the snow... 'my dad was wrong its not to late...'lol,mum says hes always wrong.......haha.
Pleased to hear that Sarah. We now have masses of spawn, as much as last year before the weather killed over 70 of our frogs.Our pond must be supporting an enormous amount of frogs and it's only 7' x 7'.


my pond is very small,only 3ft by 3ft,i wonder if i will get anymore spawn there is only about a mug full......
My mother has frog spawn appearing on her lawn. There hs not been a pond there for a few years. Will this continue until the frogs realise?? I read from the blog that you are not supposed to move the spawn from one pond to another...but what about from a lawn?
i have done loads of gardening yesterday,and while i was getting some leaves out of the pond i saw my newt only 1 mind you but im real pleased as i thought i had lost them in the horrid weather like i did many frogs.still only got a little frogspawn....[but better than none].
Oh dear Nick, you have to do something to rescue it. Can't you give it a temporary home in a makeshift 'pond'? Not sure what you can feed the tadpoles on when they are at their algae eating stage but mine thrive on Tetra floating fish pellets when they are older. Is there no expert out there that can advise Nick?
Hi, after reading everyone's comments I was shocked to see how many frogs have died, I lost over 20 which was really sad & no frogspawn, but I did find a small frog so fingers crossed thankyou for the info I will be more planned this winter ......
Hi, I am worried I have a frog disease, but i am unable to locate it from the signs i am observing: I have found 2 frogs lying belly up and motionless on a shelf in my pond. Their bellies are white, and one appears to have a sore on a hind leg joint. When I fish them out, they can just about upright themsleves, but appear to be very lethargic. One died a couple of weeks ago, this is the second one i have just found with the same symptoms. Any clues anyone - I am very worried, plus we are only just gettign spawn, despite some vigorous mating earlier. Thanks everyone, Hilary
Great to read all your comments. After the disaster of the cold weather we have had loads of frogspawn which have hatched out into loads of tadpoles. All the frogs have now disappeared except 2 which appeared lifeless in the pond for a couple of days and when fished out were dead. Is this a virus , just a result of the cold weather or just old age?!
Last week we foung 5 dead frogs near the pond. They appeared on 3 seterate days. They were all in the same place on the patio. All of them had no heads, and the rest of their bodies were in tact...... has anyone any ideas as to what has caused this gruesome event!!!....
I found a dead frog on the lawn 3 weeks and took no notice of it as these things happen now and again. I have been out today (first time in a couple of weeks) and there are six mumified frogs all over the lawn. Lucky they have spawned but what would cause so many deaths - would it be a passing cat? or maybe next doors dog? or disease?


There is a swimming pool next door that has not been used for a few years. After taking my dog for his walk over in the national trust grounds where this pool is situated, I found many dead frogs around it, I then looked in the pool and to my horror there were loads of dead frogs at the bottom?
I spotted a dead fish floating in the smaller of my two ponds. I cleared the sludge from the pond using a net. I found found about 10 bloated dead frogs on the bottom - and about 8 dead fish. Can someone tell me - is this caused by the pond freezing over for 4 days while I was away in winter - or disease. The pond is about 6000 gallons. If it is disease - do I need to empty the pond completely and start again? Adice appreciated.
I have just noticed dead frogs in my g pond today 21/4/10 at least seven so far and it loks like there is more down there, and any frog spawn there has disappeared also, until T I saw this blog Ihad no idea what killed them
I found a female frog in my pond last week. She was spending a lot of time diving to the bottom then bobbing to the top and desperately trying to scrabble out. I fished her out and found that there were signs of attack. Probably jabbed by a magpie. She was very weak so I put her into a cool damp area of the garden to recover. The next night I went out with my torch and found her huddled at the edge of the pond again. This seemed like a good sign. Two days later I found her dead in the pond. She was very thin. I think her wounds were infected and she couldn't find enough food to survive. Has anyone contacted 'Froglife' about all these dead frogs? They specialise in the conservation of amphibians.
Happy to say still lots of tadpoles in our pond. Also lots of damselflies and dragonflies have appeared from our pond. Must say a pleasure to see after the disaster of the winter. Our pond only one year old but well worth doing.