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Beats the pigeon and a mangy cat I had in my garden. But do they have bluebells, birch trees and russet apples?
It all sounds lovely.I am glad we don't get snails that size here,the big black slugs with the orange underbelly are enough of a problem in my garden at the moment.
Reply to Kate Although we were a pretty gastronomically enthusiastic group I resisted the temptation to cook it. There was not much meat on it anyway. And because my taxidermist skills are limited (no equipment was provided in the gite), I simply removed the wings and mounted them spread on card as a simple nature display.
I wondered if any one remembers Clacks Farm. I recall going there just after my Mum died, since my Dad worked for Arthur Billett, and Mr Billett was his Boss previously at Boots working in horticulture at Lenton Research Station. When we visited Clacks Farm, I was approx 11 years old and we went to an open day, and Arthur was expecting us, and my two very young brothers. We were made to feel very welcome, and it was all so lovely, and loads of people looked through his windows and probably wondered why we got a little bit of special treatment.
I have heard that sulphate of iron in a solution with water is good for brown patches on the this correct? Any tips?


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