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I'm watching my lupins like a hawk as some years they are smothered in the most enormous aphids, no sign on anything yet this year....
My rose bush is getting the full on aphid treatment on all new growth. I've been spraying with washing up liquid & water, which does seem to kill the aphids, but the rose's leaves are also turning brown and yellow and dropping off - could this be connected to the spray or the aphids? What is fatty acid spray? That might be a better option.
Can someone help please. My apples tree and my very large olive tree which is hundreds of years old and planted in the garden have both developed a yellow type fungus which looks a bit like lentils. The apple tree is in blossom but the olive tree lost all it's leaves during the cold spells. It did last year but came back but I'm wondering if the fungus is telling me the tree is dead? Can anyone help please.
to eradicate of greenfly i add a couple of crushed cloves of garlic to half a litre of water and boil it and concentrate it down then spray it, always add a bit more water before spraying
When I was able to grow roses when I was in my parents house,I used to squeeze then off between my fingers,juicy!


I think the answer to this problem must be great ventilation and a wildlife garden. i have both and, although Bristol weather has been ideal for aphid proliferation lately, no signs either outdoors or in the conservatory. The roses have good populations of ladybirds on them so they must be finding enough to eat. If yours don't try looking in a conifer tree and carry some to your roses. The bird population is amazing this spring as well and I'm finding broken eggshells beneath the trees as the youngsters hatch out and the parents clean the nests. When ever i go for a walk I keep an eye out for signs of infestations among the native flora but never find any,even in unusual weather like we have just had, so conclude that the tendency for biodiversity i.e. many different plants all growing together, is what keeps the dreaded aphids under control. A mixture of native and garden exotics always looks good and seems the healthiest kind of gardening.
I too have been challenged by the fattest greenfly I have ever seen on my lupins. I've been zapping them with soapy water, with some, but not complete success.
Can someone please help!! I had planted a escallonie hedge 4years ago and has grew about 4ft,i also planted the same hedge along the front of my house in september 2010 and due to the severe winter they both look dead!! I cant see any new growth coming on either of them i would really appreicate some advice on this mater, will it come on later or have i lost both hedges.
I'm growing some chilli plants for the first time and today I noticed some bugs on them. I've read a few articles that say to spray the plants with a water/washing up liquid solution. Can anyone tell me how weak the solution needs to be? This is the first time I've grown any sort of plant and I don't want to kill them! Thanks.
I have had a good crop of white calla lillies in my garden for about 8 years. Over the years I have divided them and they have been admired by many. However, and very sadly there is no sign of them so far - yet in my daughters garden they are peeping through. Does anyone thing I might have lost mine. Sooooooooo disappointed
My aphids have been eaten by blue tits and lady birds. Watched a few this morning (lady birds) eating them. Fascinating!
My youngest daughter planted an apple seed some 9 years ago, it grew and the tree stands about 6ft high, but it never gets any blossom, is there anything I can do to help polunate the tree ?
I think you may have to graft a branch of your tree on to a good dwarf Malling stock to get the blossom you require,andy1949. It is quite fun to do. When you have found out how and when to do it do six or so. You can always give away the extra trees. I do hope it was a particularly delicious apple.
Pippa, I too thought that the harsh winter would wipe out all aphid life as we know it, but like you, I have been thwarted by the green lurgy. They seem to have a completely eclectic taste and will go for anything from roses to runner beans - I've already lost half a plant and am avidly washing aphids away with a mixture of washing up liquid and water to ruin their banquet. However, washing every plant in the garden is turning into a somewhat time consuming activity! I've heard that garlic has the same affect on aphids as it does on vampires, and spraying a mixture of garlic and water onto leaves keeps them away - is there any truth in this? Read my blog
I also had a Wisteria which just died, when I took it out I found an insect had nibbled all the bark off the plant at ground level, this also happened to a standard Pink Willow and a Rhodendron


I'm new to gardening and last year had an amazing success of veg and flower growing:)) this year the whole lot has been attacked and left looking like a tea-strainer...lots and lots of holes with brown rings...any ideas what I'm dealing with? I've Googled it and have come up with Capsid bugs but never seen anything on the plants...the runner beans are the most damaged. (the amount eaten there must be some HUGE bugs around somewhere:/) Helllllp..:)
Can anyone help. I've accidently sprayed my Runner Beans with 'Rose Clear'. Will this make the beans inedible when they appear.
I have 4 wisteria plants which are dotted around the garden...I know these plants often take forever to flower. Last year only the plant (3yrs old) on the SE side wall of the walled garden flowered (profusely). This year it looked to be covered in young flower buds (hundreds between 1 and 2-3 inches) and we waited in anticipation. It now looks dry, lifeless and bare and none of the buds has set flower at all...there is no leaf growth whatsoeve....rmeantime (ironically but thankfully) the nearest other wisteria (on a SW wall) has flowered beautifully (albeit not so profusely as the SE wisteria last yr) and it is lush and green with new leaf growth. I am puzzled and have researched as much as poss to discover the cause...I am aware that late frost may have played a part, but the other plants are doing fine....any ideas??
Found a brilliant trick for smoker gardeners.
Save your old cigarette buts and ash. Mix it with a solution of water and leave to sit for a day, then strain off the liquid (throw away the butts) and mix the liquid with some soap (liquid is best) then spray on the plants. Harmless and very effective.

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