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Talkback: Dealing with bindweed

Hi, I've found that if I get small pop bottles and fill them up with a strong weedkiller, bury them in the soil near where the tendrils are ...

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Hi, I've found that if I get small pop bottles and fill them up with a strong weedkiller, bury them in the soil near where the tendrils are coming up, I can put the tendrils in the bottles and they take on the weedkiller over a much longer time than just dabbing or spraying a weedkiller on them.
This stops insects, animals and children from getting to the weedkiller.

As long as  children don't find the pop bottles filled with poison !!!  Sounds really dangerous to me!!! 

It should be alright shouldn't it ,if you bury them up to there necks and also if there are  no  children?


It sounds wonderful; but then I don't have munchkins in my garden

Sounds over the top and potentially damgerous.  Not method I would use. Spraying far more effective and safer.  


I have found that a coiled tendril in a plastic bag with a spray of weed killer can be quite effective.

Not sure about that method, sounds a little over the top and also potentially dangerous for cats and dogs. A garden I moved to years ago was very overgrown and full of bind weed. I dug it all out, well virtually. Just pulling up new shoots as they came up and this effectively got rid of it. Although while digging it out my then puppy border terrier - Lily, decided the roots were god for chewing. I though she had a hide chew stick at first. Then removed her from the garden when I realised she was chewing the roots of the weeds I was digging out. Too late though, an hour or so later she started behaving very strangely. Swaying about and falling over. I rushed her to the vet. I explained what had happened and they concluded she was hallucinating ! Bind weed roots can have a similar effect to magic mushrooms. They kept her in over night and she was fine the next day. A cautionary tail !
I have bind weed growing in my shrubs it's difficult to dig out,my next door neighbour had a Rhus Sumach growing in there garden and took it out but left the roots behind now it keep's appearing in my garden.

I heard a good tip from a gardeners world chap, and it really works, he said do not pull the vine weed out of the ground as this activates the weed and it starts to multiply.

Unwind it  from the plant as much as possible, stick a garden cane into the ground at the side of the weed or as near as possible.

Wrap the vine weed around the cane, then put weed killer on as many leaves as you can (doesn't have to be all of them) over a short time the weed killer will be taken into the roots and the weed will die. 


My entire 4m x 10m garden is full of it.  It especially comes underground from the rented house gardens either side too.  It is even growing under the house and coming out of the air bricks.  Digging it all out was a pointless exercise as it was back within weeks and weedkiller does almost nothing and I have tried several types despite normally avoiding all nasty chemicals in my garden.  I am at my wits end with it.  Actually want to move house just to get away from it.

I find that bindweed is relentless in my garden. You pull up one length of it only to see two more take its place. The only good thing you can say about it is the white flowers which bees like.

Lily 3 - pleased to hear you have a Border. We have one too,his name is Robbie and he's two. Always following me in the garden,shoving his nose into the soil if I'm digging. Him and his side-kick Lexie the Black Lab
Hi Fishy65 I'd noticed your pic of handsome Robbie before. They are brilliant little dogs aren't they, so much character. My Lily is 9 now but still like a pup with lots of energy. She's also a passionate gardener, loves joining in when ever I'm digging and weeding. She doesn't half get in the way but I love her too much to get annoyed at her.

When we bought our last house we had rampant bindweed up to the first floor windows and all over the garden.

We pulled the bindweed down from the walls and fences, but didn't pull the roots up - we then walked over the leaves to bruise them and then sprayed thoroughly with a weedkiller containing glyphosate.  We then left the whole area untouched until all the bindweed had gone brown. This took several weeks. This showed that the glyphosate had been drawn back into the roots and killed them too.  The above was done in mid summer when the bindweed was in active growth.

Only then did we pull it up and dig the garden.

While we still had to spray the occasional shoot that came in from next door, we had no problems with bindweed in our garden 

I know the feeling , have tried it all .... as will all gardeners , I unwind the weed from its support plant and wind it round my hand , push into a small plastic bag and spray the glysophate into the bag , which can easily be hidden in the border / buried under mulch.
Hi Lily, the picture there is Scampy who we lost in March 2012. He is buried in the garden where he can still be near us. I'll have to post a pic of Robbie

Lily sounds lovely and yes they are little dogs with huge personalities. Robbie tends to think he's God's gift lol.


Very good idear.Think I will try it have no small children
I buy concentrated glyphosate (from Wilkinson, as it happens, 90g/l). Is it possible to make a small amount of gel occasionally?
I haven't yet found a systemic weedkiller that is friendly to bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Bindweed is a nightmare in my garden, seemingly to be coming from a neighbours overgrown and neglected garden. If you know of a pollinator friendly (and pet friendly) weedkiller please let us all know on here. Thanks.

I'm trying out the new, very expensive, gel I bought, £9 for a tiny pot.I've tried eveything else. Sometimes I wonder if the companies that sell these remedies are secretly sending weed seeds to our gardens to keep us buying.

The bindweed came from my neighbours garden,  but there is nothing I can do about it. They just cut the grass and that's it, no borders or plants for them to worry about, just a trampoline and a pool in summer.