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Talkback: Dealing with moss

Hi, Thanks for the good advice and I've followed most of the steps to a certain point...I was wondering when to scarify the lawn after appl...

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Thanks for the good advice and I've followed most of the steps to a certain point...I was wondering when to scarify the lawn after applying the lawn care. I've had it on the lawn for a few days now?

The lawn at the front of the house gets very little sun until around this time of year till autumn so is damp and like you say, it's been a wet winter. I have scarified it in the past and drained it with a deep fork, this helped loads but this year a neighbour recommended feed and weed, lawn care.

I'm guessing when it goes black then the lawn care has done it's stuff but just not sure.

Yep, moss goes black after treating, now you can scrape it out. Hard work but worth it.

Raking out moss by hand is extremely tedious, better to hire or borrow a scarifier.   Make sure you have loads of bin bags as you shouldn't put treated moss on the compost heap.


Thanks for the advice and confirming my thoughts..

Adam Pasco
Yes, I agree. Treat the lawn with moss killer and it should quickly kill it (and go black) in a matter of days. You can then rake/scarify to remove.

And if you can see lots of gaps and soil I'd recommend over-seeding with grass seed mixed with compost. April is usually a good month to do this, as warmer conditions and April showers encourage seeds to germinate and grow.



Great I'll do that, got the seed sat there ready, will get the rake out tomorrow.. if not too wet, it rained a bit today so we'll see.........thanks for your help.


Now all the dogs fur has been taken for nest material the blue tits are taking the moss from the grass,saves me a job of picking it up after raking.


Adam Pasco

Those are very well trained birds, oldchippy. Please send them my way!

Can i put the blackened moss on my compost heap?
I have a clay soil and have raked the moss, but I cannot now use chemicals as I have a very small tortoise and this would be harmful. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated
I too have very mossy lawn. My problem is my soil is clay so after it rains my lawn is wet for days.
I would like to know in which order i need to tread my lawn


Moss Treatment

Aerator/Horticultural Sand

Thanks in advance
Adam Pasco

Hi Ken.  I'd apply moss killer first.

Leave until moss is dead and blackened then mow to shorten grass.


Then scarify to remove dead moss and thatch, and mow again if very untidy.


Hope this helps.

Cheers Adam 

Looks like I might have to dig a trench to aid drainage first 


rhapsody - I wouldn't put the moss in the compost heap. After using chemical lawn treatments any clippings etc that you have should be put in your bin for council uplift. I wait about 6 weeks after using anything before adding the clippings to my compost. I've not had any problems  

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