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Talkback: Dealing with vine weevil

I stopped using primulas in my tubs for this reason, so I decided on a decorative small conifer and heuchera with a few cyclamen bulbs. Alas...

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I stopped using primulas in my tubs for this reason, so I decided on a decorative small conifer and heuchera with a few cyclamen bulbs. Alas the heuchera had to be replaced, although one did last a year longer than the other, and most of the cyclamen went the same way.

in my last garden I gave up on heuchera because of vine weevil.

Chrissy the gardener

You can always use a product called Provada especially for treating against vine weevil unless you are apposed to using chemicals.

you just mix it with water and water the soil in the pots, it then seeps into the soil the vine weevil grub ingests it and dies.


I have found them in Heucheras, Fuchsias, begonias, just tipped out the fuchsias to save for next year, always repot them as there is usually some in there. I put them all in a pot and put them out for the birds.


Also helps if you use a non-peat compost and put a grit layer of at least 2 inches depth on top of the pots.

Single stem plants may be protected by putting a circle of plastic (like the things used to protect cabbage plants against cabbage root fly) round the stem. The weevil lays its eggs on or just around the base of the plant and if it cannot reach soil, it goes elsewhere.

Both Sedum and Heucheras can be re-grown very easily from the eaten remains. Just treat the pieces as cuttings. They both root very easily.


jenny, you simply replaced one group of vine weevil favourites with another, viz., heucheras.

treated with provado vine weevil killer twice a year is very effective.  As has already been said heucheras will regrow surprisingly quickly after attack from eaten pieces.  I divide heucheras regularly, wash old soil off and pot up or replant in the garden and they quickly form large plants again.  

Re vine weevils in pots I found, by experiment, that garden soil mixed with mpc is less attractive to weevils.  A top dressing of grit helps too.  

A torchlight visit at night in the summer will often reveal the adult weevils....they seem to like euonymus bushes as a host and I have, seemingly, reduced attacks by subsequent weevil grubs by squashing adult weevils


As per Verdun.

I went out and killed around 10 per night (!) at dusk Jul-Aug. The adults tend to come out when it is getting dark and feed on leaves. You get to know what leaves they prefer. I also top dress with grit on all pots, so there is no exposed soil. I also used Provado.

I have checked all my pots over the weekedn and have no grubs now .

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