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We too have had problems with cats killing birds and ruining our flower beds & seedlings,the first problem we simply took the bird feeder down as the birds didn't stand a chance with the high concentration of cats we seem to have round here,(a lot without bells on!!).The second problem we solved to complete satisfaction, this involved turning our patch into a gravel garden & deterring any cats who were still intent on using my garden as their local toilet with a spray on the old garden hose.With these two methods i can give a 98% guarantee that you will never have a cat use your garden again as a toilet,the problem with cats hunting wildlife however cannot be solved,the only way to limit it is to put bells on them to give the wildlife a head start.
I enjoy all wildlife and domestic animals in my garden. for some reason the cats do not go for the birds when they are feed - could that be because i keep a watch out when I put food out? Cats using my garden as a toilet is no big deal scoop it up and in the bin it goes as easy as that. I have no idea why some get so upset about clearing cat or fox mess out of their gardens.
I feed the birds all year and watch them raise their young in the 20 or so bird boxes we have put up. They feel part of the family just like our cat!! So for the "benefit "of all concerned ,Teddy, our cat wears 2 collars, one that lets out a high pitch when he pounces and the other contains a total of 7 bells -thus giving our beloved birds a sporting chance. It is also lovely to hear him "jingle" as he moves around the garden and is affectionately referred to as "7 bells" He suffers no ill effects, apart from a little frustration at not catching as many birds as he would like.
I have a cat but I have her indoors and she can watch the birds threw the window and at this time of year every cat owner should keep there cat indoors from march to june and at least give those hard working parents a chance to rear there young it is,nt very long 3 months out of 12.
I have 5 cats ,not to mention neighbours cats that prefer my garden to their own.I also have several bird feeders and 3 bird baths... I keep my birds safe by putting twiggy branches or pots under shrubs and in hiding places.The birds can see any cats coming... so its a case of no hiding place and it works.


is it when a cat brings you a mouse or a dead bird.its bringing you a present fore all the love you give it.
My cats are also fearless when it comes to foxes. In terms of hunting skills, they managed to bring a live pigeon in through the cat-flap!

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