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Talkback: Deterring pigeons

Adam there is no easy solution to Pigeons,but an air rifle sends them packing,but make sure you only fire at the pigeon's,even air rifle pel...

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Roy Hill

Adam, you need a locally breeding pair of peregrines. Any pigeon fanciers/racing pigeon owners may beg to differ, though.

In years to come I may consider trading your pigeons for the rabbit warren next door...

Adam Pasco

That's an idea Roy. I've heard some head gardeners talk about inviting bird of prey demonstrations into their gardens to help deter pigeons –more to scare them off than eat them, so they do come back. Certainly worth considering.


i dont mind pigeons in my garden.. the clean up the dropped food so none left for the rats that live under the railway line... but i do protest that they sit on our ariel and bend it and sit on the climbing frame and poop over it.. so i have to clean it all time before kids can go on it.. well they used to poop on it and bend it.. not now with the spikes..

to deter the rooks etc.. i have a piece of foam hanging from the tree with feathers i have found that are black stuck in it.. that keeps them away..

but i do loudly protest about the damn seagulls.. they are a nightmare and with young noe they are becoming rather dangerous to be outside with.. and they are very noisey from 3am onwards.. after only be settling down for the night at 11pmish..

i love all birds.. but just find some are a nusiance..they are big and heavy handed and brek my feeders constantly..

we have the sparow hawk come in often and take a few while they are feeding.. that is nature.. i am fine with that.. it is amazing to watch.. i just like to keep the big bully birds away long enough for the smaller ones to get a look in

When I have washing hanging on line I find that deters the larger birds as they find it difficult to take off.
Sometimes I just leave one or two pieces out on my whirlygig this keeps them away mostly.
Roy Hill

If anyone watched wood pigeons for more than a few seconds in Spring they will notice that they are complete 'mugs' for ripe ivy berries. They'll walk out onto the flowering sideshoots (which down't really take their weight) and have to half-fly to stay in contact with the plant so that they can gorge on the berries. Yes, they can be a bit of a nuisance, but one can also take some small delight at their antics.

I'll trade a couple of visiting wood pigeons for the rabbit warren. Any takers?

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