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I find I have to lift and divide primulas at least every third year else they disappear altogether. I open to "my public" for the very first time tomorrow so it can bucket down with rain from Wednesday night onwards. Wish me luck everyone, as I do want to show that gardening is a healthy,happy, useful thing for an octogenarian to indulge in.
Thanks happymarion, and wishing you a really enjoyable garden opening. I'm sure you've been very busy preparing, so I've no doubt your garden is looking stunning! I know we're desperate for rain, but I'll refrain from the rain dance until the end of the week to avoid soaking your visitors. And yes, primulas are another perennial that benefits from regular lifting and dividing. It's amazing how many new plants you'll produce to give away too.
It's to rain from thursday onwards, so a little relief for gardeners. I have only been gardening for 3 years and I'm a bit nervous over lifting and dividing in case I do the wrong thing. I have a large clump of Aquilegia's. Do I divide them while growing or in the winter?
When is the best time to divide phlox. I have two or three huge mounds which look great now - can I split them now or should I wait?
Reply to Boabd: I've always found Aquilegia (columbine) to be quite short-lived, so have never divided them. However, I do let them set seed, and seedlings pop-up everywhere. These can be lifted and transplanted to a better position at any time. Reply to Carla: Yes, phlox just spreads, and can become quite invasive as it outgrows its 'allotted' space. It's probably a bit too tall to lift and divide now. I'd usually do this in February/March, before shoots start forming, which would be damaged during division. However, this could be done in autumn in milder districts and those on light, free-draining soil. If I were you Carla I'd enjoy them this year and divide them early next year.


I have lifted and separated enough plants to sell at local May Day Celebrations to raise money for local Youth Rugby Team, with still some left over to replant. Great way to make more plants for free do your bit for the community. People always love a plant stall. Made £150.
Well done HeritageHUB. What a fantastic outcome – and all from plants you'd divided. Now that should be an inspiration for others to have a go.
ive spent all day today doing just this...dividing plants.....and im frozen its still cold with this wind,tomorrow hopefully i will finish it all,then i need to finish the new pond im doing,as for rain well i hope it rains friday onwards .... getting some turfs delivered so the heavens can do the watering... good luck to happymarion.....i thought you were showing your garden,something i would love to do , i just dont know enough regarding plants,plus i think garden size has to be a certain size,,,is yours in the 'yellow book',i think thats what its called...... anyway all the best.x
Not in the yellow book yet. Small clubs visiting this year, an Olympic project next year for a much bigger club, then we shall see. Thank you, sarah's pondlife and Adam for your good wishes. My garden is looking sensational and lots of birds,bees and butterflies. my fox is looking Quizzically at me as i seem to be invading his terratory a lot with all the extra work and to-ing and fro-ing. The cakes turned out perfectly and the weather is set fair on my new garden barometer. It is quite exciting and I am really looking forward to it. Must have a plant sale next year - plants divided this year and potted up should be a good size by then.
Most of my perennials were taken from my old garden and replanted in our current garden last year. I haven't divided them this year either but by your article I think I should get away with it? Next year I will certainly make a point of some serious division in my perennial beds! Thanks for the advice as always very valuable and gives us something else to consider!
I have a large clumb of day lillies do I split them now or after they have flowered? Plus growing a tayberry in a pot will it be ok?
I have a large clumb of day lillies do I split them now or after they have flowered? Plus growing a tayberry in a pot will it be ok? I wish to say good luck to happymarion.
Could it be risky trying to divide plants when the ground is so dry? I'm just concerned that they would lose more moisture and struggle in the drought if it continues.


heyu fellow gardeners am 17 and still learning plenty about gardening and have also been very busy in the garden and have just divided sum hemerocallis the day lilly an have got more than i need wich is brilliant cos i can sell sum,,, ps doese any one no the best time to seperate and pot on cacti i fort september but wasent sure ne 1 noo please
I promised myself not to have too many pots this year because of the watering is a bit dodgy when so hot and the wind also drying them out but hey guess what there I go again runner beans peas potato's trees and flowers all in pots, I must be potty. but I can't stop the compultion to plant every thing I see, happy gardening every one.
Thank you for advice about splitting my day lillies. I was about to dig in. I was not looking forward to it. I have just started blogging. It is nice to know I have experts if I need advice.
I am growing tayberry in a pot will it be ok. I dont want it to take over as I have problems with brambles!!!
happymarion, only just seen this blog, so too late to wish you good luck. I'm sure the day went brilliantly, let us know how it went.