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WE have a family of about twenty sparrows in our hedge so every time we dealt wth the patches in our lawn with grass seed they loved it!! We in the end bought turf which worked a treat

After a bit of researching we now give our 3 bitches a Brewers yeast tablet every day in their dinner. we actually counted the patches on the lawn when we started and within 3 months they had disappeared. the burning is from ammonia but once this breaks down into nitrogen it is actually good for the grass, hence the long 'rings' around the patches if you let it grow. giving tomato juice may not be a good idea as dogs stomachs are not able to digest fruit and veg, although i agree they will eat it given a chance! good luck

Fruit and veg are good for your dog, its in their food already ...but altering Ph is a little scary.  Messing with Ph can cause problems with stomach, urinary tract, vitamin/ protein absorbtion, etc, the list goes on.  So if theres even a chance that altering a dog's Ph could be bad for their health, don't risk your dogs health to just to have a nicer lawn.  Instead of wasting time and effort on fixing or watering patches (or giving your dog something that alters what urine does naturally) put some effort into retraining them. The best approach is having an alternate area for them- rocks or mulch work great! If you have a male, put in a stake. It is completely worth it!  NO MORE PATCHES!

My son had this problem with his dog leaving his lawn in terrible state. I found on-line pet shops selling DOG ROCKS, which are Rocks you put in the dogs drinking water, it neautralizes the water and they last in the water for about 5 weeks.
I bought them for my sons dog and now after a month the grass has made a full recovery. Most pet shops sell them and are about £5, works out £1 a week, worth every penny. They really do the job, and has no affect on the dog, I highly recommend ..!! My son is happy to have his nice green lawn again :-)
Does this work with drunk humans caught short late at night?


Oops! Prob in the dog house now...
flowering rose

don't know if anyone has said but tomato juice in diet so I have heard,me I pour water over said puddle straight away or if on patio soapy water other than that take dog for a walk.

Answer to your question "does it work on drunk human"??
I would try brewing the DOG ROCKS in a tea pot and brew
As you would tea and drink through the course of the day.
Or if It's a case that the drunk is pee-ing on your lawn, I
Would recommend just throwing a "bucket of water" over
Him... Ha ha ha ..... Let me know how you get on .. lol
i have problem with other peopels dogs craping on my lawn

how do you stop dogs craping on lawns


I think we get the message-thanks for sharing- twice-you need to catch the dog and/or trace the owner-in most areas this is an offence -though how you prove it it the tricky matter.

The dog does not know any better.

Would never give our dogs tomato juice or ketchup, just as the acidity would do more harm than good. we use Dog Rocks and have an enviably green lawn now! if someone could now tell me how to stop them digging that would be great!

Gardening Grandma

Dog rocks didn't work for me. Er... my dogs, I mean! We are now taking up the lawn - plants seems to withstand the onslaught better than grass. There's no keeping the dogs off the borders - they're little dogs and think borders are an exciting jungle and a toilet opportunity. Mine just have to be tough enough to take it - after all, the dogs can't help it that I'm too lazy to dress and take them out first thing in the morning.

Routinely add a cup of water to each cup of dry dog food.  Increased water consumption and dilution of the urine ammonia may help the lawn similar to using the hose.  It reduced lawn grass killing by our Labrador retriever especially in the cooler wetter seasons.  Increased water consumption probably helped her kidneys, bladder and overall health too.

I sorted the problem by adding Green Peez to my dog's food. It's a herbal remedy which seems to work really well.


Dog Rocks, which I bought at the vets, £9.99, worked fine for the first month no more dead yellow patches, but now I notice the dreaded patches appearing again even though I'm still following the instructions to the letter. They're supposed to last for 2months so I'm disappointed. I'd repaired the old yellow patches and the lawn was looking great for the first time in years...It looks like I'll have to spend another tenner !

By the way, to repair the damaged patches, I carefully loosened the soil surface of each patch and removed the dead grass before sowing more seed, kept well watered it soon germinated. I'd pushed sticks into the ground around each patch and tied in garden twine to keep the dog away from them. I left the patches to grow by just mowing around the sticks.. a bit of a faff but it worked. Now to deal with all the new dead patches... groan.

The problem now is what to do about the patches that already exist. Is there a way to bring these back to life?

I give my dogs the same water that we have which is filtered through one of the stereotypical "Jug Filters" that you keep in the fridge.  I know this works as we recently got a puppy and hubby takes him to work during the day where he had regular tap water and the patches reappeared.  He now takes a bottle of freshly filtered water with him daily and the patches are recovering. 


Cut the brown patch out.Re-seed the area with new lawn seed. Keep watered. The new grass will grow and blend in with the rest. I have done with in the past and it was successful. I also covered the area with netting to stop with birds from pecking the seed.  


We have a large lab x Rottie and we have the burnt grass from wee problem, we now follow her if we know she's going to weekend drown it with with water, it does mean that you have to be vigalent. What no 1else has mentioned is that we also get foxes in our large garden overnight and they wee in patches that our dog hasn't weed on. We proved this twice this year as more patches appeared whilst we were away, big patches to.

so that even more exasperating as we have no control over that!

as to repairing patches we with a hand fork scratch out the dead grass take out a small amount of soil (this is when you know it's a fox the ammonia smell makes you choke) jab the fork in 2cm put a scattering of grass seed over and rub it in and around then put a hand full of patch fix over then some compost, this will grow brilliantly an very lush.

im still wondering about trying green it still worth it when families of foxes are always around!?

when our dog visits our friends or my daughters she wee's there but doesn't leave brown patches, can anyone explain that!!