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i to have a toy poodle and he is a great joy to have around,every morning after coming in from our morning walk i go out to feed the birds,of course ollie in toe barking his head of at the many many wood pigeons,squirells and magpies,it seems the little birds dont bother him or jays.he will not let me put bread out as i drop it on the lawn hes behind me hoovering it up.the poo poo is a problem from the birds though.
One's own dog no doubt is welcome but I don't have one and the neighbours' dogs seem to think my garden is preferable to their own as a toilet. i have just acquired a prickly Hakea to plant!
I have an Australian Terrier and he is great at chasing off visitors like pigeons and squirrels. He has also ridded me from rats from the bird feeders in winter. Any bread that falls from the bird table is fair game to him as far as he is concerned and is quickly woofed down even if it is stale.
can anyone help me I have trouble whith my dogs i love them to piece's but they eat my plant,s i have no grass in my garden as i have four dogs and it is not practical i am slowly going mad i have flower beds down the side and pot plant around the garden i also love the birds and feed them and have four cat which i love and would not be whith out one is sitting on my lap as i write this blog. please help many than
Can anyone please tell me how to rid my garden of moles. We have tried every available method on the market and some unconventional methods, but with no success. We are plagued by mole hills every morning, which we clear and use the soil elsewhere but they just come back again during the day. Our two dogs think it's a great game to pounce and dig down into the mole tunnels. Our beautiful lawn is now a mess - please help!


Luvu - your dogs seem to be grazers so why not plant flowers that have evolved strategies to ward off grazer? There are some very pretty prickly plants like brooms and cacti and some that do not taste nice but look great. You may have to look up evolution of flowering plants on the internet and do some research but this is always interesting. Moles do not like vibrations or loud music,Evie Nite, so try dancing on the molehills.
My Lhasa Apso "Honey" is fun in the garden but she has this desire to help me, when im planting she will sit close beside me watching with great intrest... then decides to help by digging her own holes!! never where i want them sadly!!
Surely if a dog is trained properly and calmly from the start, it is no problem in the garden?I have had several dogs over the years, they knew they were not allowed on the beds and borders. My father's dog went to the allotment with him every day, and would lie quietly on the grass path. He would sometimes look longingly at the rows of ripe peas, and when told, he would bite off some pods, scrunch them up, spit them out then lick up the peas! An untrained excitable dog is a nuisance to everyone.
my dogs are very well behaved they are grehounds and sleep all day only move to eat and go for a walk the promble is when i have vistor's and are put outside they protest and eat my plants.they are not a nuisance.
The current household canine is restricted to hard surface areas as he has a propensity for (a) digging large holes in the garden (lawn and beds), (b) using /all/ the garden areas as his toilet and (c) digging up and eating plants. Thankfully his brush with the gastronomic delights of foxgloves earlier this year do not appear to have caused him lasting harm.
my dog digs holes every where how can i stop him i showt at him once he went at the back of the pond and wene i came in he seen me and fell in the pond but that never stoped him from diging holes you can get loads of things that keeps cats of why not dogs may be ther is none or has eny one got an good idears? thanks /
why not build a very narrow dog run on the border of your garden.lay slabs and you will have a run as you will also never have to cut your dogs nails as my 10 year old springer is testiment can put a gate in to let your dog in when your dog run is fenced away from my part of the garden.i have raised planters in the dog run and 2000 gallon raised pond is also part of the dog run.i only have a 40` x 20` garden with a room soon to be a pagoda in it and everything grows well in it and the dogs are run is a bad turm realy as dogs need to walk not just for exercise excuse my spelling but to socialise and strengthen there pack ie you and your family.a dog is an animal that walks bye nature so any garden is just a big cage realy.the dog run is realy somewear for your dog to go to the toilet realy.if the run down the end is thin enough and slopes down towards the end then the dog will be more inlined to go down the end to do its busyness.if you then do a drainaway you can easily wash down the very thin path of slabs or concrete and pick up the rest.there are very few programs that actualy address this very real problem yet there are millions of dog owners.the best atempt i sore was ground force when they built a rediculas sand bit in the main garden for the dog to play in.thats it.i have 4 dogs and im disabled.yes down the end does smell a little but all things considerd its very good.if you want to look my garden is on utube under noseypotter or nosey potter .
Our Labrador loves watering time, she barks madly at the hose and see's it as some sort of intruder. She never gets quite close enough to bite it but snaps at it from a few inches away. As soon as you turn it off she calmly lays down and carry's on sunning herself. Unfortunately our lawn does suffer from burn marks, that is one of the down sides of having a bitch. I wonder if other dog owners have found a solution to this?
There is no doubt that dogs and gardens mix. I think is is a pity to have a seperate dog run though - there are far too many plants vying for space in our gardens to give it up. There is another way though - to choose a design and plants that work with the dogs. I have no grass, but still have a garden worthy of opening under the NGS.
Advice please for my guinea pig who has a run on the lawn. I've put a standard granular weed and moss killer on the lawn and can't find any information as to when I can put my g.p back on the lawn. When will it be safe for him to eat the grass?


I have also 2 labradors and they love it to play in my garden. Anyway even they digg or eat my plants :)) i love them and i try to offer them the all confort. I plant "everyday" someting in the garden. Also i tried to buy them artificial plants but they know and bring this to my door. Are very very sweets. for them i build also
My 2 Westies love the garden and have earned ther keep already this year in dispatching of 2 rats. With the glorious sunshine they both love to tan themselves I am sure they think they will turn into a Scottie. Chloe the older sits back and watches but does the job of clearing the larger birds eith wood pigeon and jackdaws.Chili my little 2 year old westie is a keen gardener but tries to eat the produce before it gets to the dinner table; she loves the potatos and strawberries but my tomato plants I have had to put a makeshift cage around as these are her favourites. I must admit I think the problem is my fault as they get pieces of fruit and vegatables whilst I am preparing dinner. I wouldn't be with out my helpers at watering time as they try to drink from the tap as it runs cold.

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