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what a lovely little blog! i love the photo!!! not seen any dragonflies yet but will keep my peepers peeled from now on!
Last year I found mounds of clear gel on the top of my open-patterned garden table, at the base of a tree, and on the garden. I can only describe it looking like a clump if Polycell wallpaper paste. The table top moun dwas probably 8" dia or so. Only very heavy rain washed it away. Just found some more last week. Any ideas?
A bit early as you say for these bigger dragonflies. I have seen some smaller dragons and of course damsel flies but only in the last week or two. Higgy


I have seen damsel flies all over my pond breeding but only one dragonflie up to now.
I have seen damsel flies skating on the glass of my greenhouse come (leanto) plus I have notice a lot of cukoospit is this good or bad?
My Mrs Sinkins pinks start to flower, but later flowers do not open and are all soggy, can anybody help?
Same here, PatrickD, but my newer varieties of pinks are putting on a phenomenal show especially "Doris". I put it down to old plants and weather we have not seen the like of for a century. I will take new cuttings this year and ditch the old plants.

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