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My Rhubarb has gone mad very early this year, it's massive and it's only the first week of April. Not only that it has a huge shooting stem with branches and about 3/4 flower heads. This is the first time it has flowered. I wonder if I should let it flower if I want it to continue to produce the massive branches and leaves? I have so much I give it away to family and neighbours. It is loved by all!
i have a lovely crop of chickweed in my greenhouse, which goes in the salad. sadly not all is growing well in the geenhouse, something is affecting seedlings, mainly tomatoes and brassicas and killing them off. also the the compost in my pots and trays keeps goig green on top- anyone else had this?
I have a great book - The 'New (1989) all-colour edition' of Food for Free by Richard Mabey. ISBN 0-00-219865-7 Covering a fantastic variety of both edible & poisonous wild - trees, shrubs, herbs, & flowers, nuts, fruits, seaweed, fungi, shellfish. It includes lots of recipes (check-out the Sloe gin), folklore, advice & tips. It's also good to know what to avoid just incase. As it's one of my most treasured possessions. Some might say that's a bit sad but I don't care ;~}
Jennie reynolds: if the top of your compost is going green, it sounds as if you're overwatering. That would also explain why your plants aren't thriving. Are you using peat-free compost? It's quite easy to over-water that because it holds lots of water and can get dry on top so you think it needs more.
Please suggest what are the best seeds which can be grown in the garden? We have to keep in mind that they should be colorful. Thanks Femina


It's true you don't want balsam or knotweed on your plot but, if they are there at least they are both edible. Young knotweed shoots (the size of asparagus) taste just like rhubarb. Flowers of balsam are good in salads and the seeds taste like walnuts. Nice blog, I often put bittercress into my sandwiches when I'm weeding gardens.

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