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Mr Spratt. Your wish is my command, I will investigate. In fact that is a whole new topic: the people after whom plants have been named. Parkdirektor Riggers (a rose), Madame Lemoine (a lilac), Pickard's Schmetterling (a Magnolia) and Wilhelmina Schwab (a fuschia) also spring to mind. The Little Sparta chap was called Ian Hamilton Finlay (who sadly died last year. (I presume that you are related to the great surgeon Sir Lancelot?!)
Thanks James, plants named after people as a topic isn't really what I was driving at, however if you are set on it, how about pieces on the names behind Paeonia "Scarlet O'Hara", Papaver "Miss Piggy", Clematis "Wee Willie Winkie", Dahlia "Spartacus" and Pelargonium "Ipswich Town". Come on the Tractor Boys!!

Yes there is a relationship, however I am a proctologist. My illustrius great uncle encouraged me to start at the bottom and work my way up.

Hi Everyone and Anyone, Bought a beautiful vitis vinifera italia muscat today.... Have palms, olive trees, bay trees in the garden growing more than well. Also have small, very small dicksonia antarctica in garden. Planted this year and doing well... Also olive trees, small olive trees, bushes or twigs in fact doing well. The one that was not protected during the winter has done better than the one one that was wrapped up and sung to over the cool winter nights..... I live in Scotland.. Stevenston...Ayrshire Near the sea.. NOW...When should I plant my 6 foot tree vitis vinifera... would should I do to look after it.. and the same for the 4 foot dicksonia antarctica.. Yours looking for info....
I would like to know when to repot my olive tree it hasn't done any fruiting this year. We keep it in a clay pot, in JI no.3 outside in a covered porch, during the winter, then introduce it to the elements proper around April. It must be 4yrs old. Its only about 18" to 2ft tall. I believe we have repotted once before but can't remember when?


If the tree is healthy then anytime will do. Don't put it in too large a pot initially: it is best to gradually increase the pot size. Lots of drainage is always important.
After looking forward to the new programme I would just like to say that so far it seems to be no where near as good as those in the past. The spot at the end in the "shed" is in particular a time waster.We will hopefully see some proper gardening tips in the coming weeks otherwise I think you will be losing many viewers.
Hi James, I'd like to know more about: Miss Wilmott - of the ghost Miss Jessop - of the upright Joseph Rock - of the Sorbus Batty Langley - was he batty? and the chap who created the Little Sparta garden in Scotland, whose name escapes me.

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