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I was amazed to read about edible flowers, most amused to know that they are safe to eat but i dont know if i could actually eat them i just like looking at them


I have recently looked for the manuca plant in order to make tea from the leaves, as I'm told it is good for you, yet there are so many leptospermums, and the original manuca has white flowers, and some manuca honey bushes have different coloured flowers such as 'crimson glory'. Does it matter which variety I get, and can the flowers/leaves still be used medicinally, just like the honey is made from it also.?
....and if possible, could anyone from the gardeners' world team help me with this query too, should any of you have an informed answer on my above subject. Many thanks if you can.
Edible Flowers, how lovely! I grow nasturtiums every year. Am going to have to give them a try! Holly
Adam, I'm going to be moving house in September from a paved courtyard in London to Oxfordshire, where I have my name down for an allotment (short list). All my plants are in pots except my summer raspberries which are in a plastic framed raised bed. What is the best way to transport them to their new home, which may be a while coming? I have already cut down the fruiting stems; I thought of bagging them up into old compost bags, but should I reduce their height first - they are about 6 ft high. Thanks!
whilst watching one of your programs i saw a project being done called a herb spiral or sim name where can i find the instructions of how to make this project???
I too have been trying find the information about how to make a spiral herb garden, but as of yet I've not found a link, has anyone else?
I too have been trying to find out how to make a spiral herb garden, but as of yet I cannot find a link. Has anyone else?
We too would like to find the Herb Spiral project refreshing to know that we aren't the only one's who can't find it. Any help please!!!


glad i've not gone mad. thought it was my computer skills that were lacking. Not only can i not find the spiral herb project there appears to be no response from anybody to help. Did we all dream the programm????
Hello everyone, you can watch the programme in question here:
brilliant!! i was looking for flowers that would be safe with a toddler and came across edible flowers!! genius!! not only will we have lovely homegrown veggies but bright salads :D
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