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Talkback: Edible weeds

I make Nettle Jelly every year, it is wonderful with roast lamb and also add it to Pecorino to make wonderful savoury scones.

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I make Nettle Jelly every year, it is wonderful with roast lamb and also add it to Pecorino to make wonderful savoury scones.

Please, please give us the recipe if you would?  I have had nettle soup and it was lovely, the idea of nettle jelly sounds wonderful.

The dreaded ground elder was introduced as a pain killer and comfort for those suffering from gout, the Romans brought it here.  It is still quite effective as a tea - it was called Bishops Wort because only the bishops were thought to be rich enough to get gout from heavy eating!  Take a good large handful of the very youngest leaves, steep them in a mug of boiling water, drain well, sweeten with a little honey if you want, and drink.  It is harmless, and does have a slight sedative effect taken just before bed.  It doesn't taste delicious but is not revolting either, slightly cabbagy. 


A few young dandelion leaves make a nice addition to a green salad, but they will make you wee more than usual. 


1 kg d'orties, 1 citron, sucre

* Remplir une casserole avec 1 kg d'ortie, bien tassée.
* Couvrir d'eau , cuire en une décoction concentrée.
* Une fois cuite, presser les orties afin d'en extraire le jus.
* Peser le jus et ajoutez le même poids de sucre.
* Ajouter un jus de citron
* Cuire et mettre en pots.

Vous obtiendrez une confiture surprenante

A déguster sur du pain de campagne ou dans des gâteaux
Quick translation! 1Kg Nettles/1 Lemon/1Kg Sugar

Boil nettles/Sieve/Add lemon Juice plus Sugar and Voila make Jelly! Sorry it was in french. It's a good Norman recipe and I forgot to translate it!



Thank you very much, this I am very tempted to try.

My neighbour lets ground elder go unchecked in his garden for years, it creeps under the fence into my garden and I have sat and dug it out for years, I am getting to old for this, so this year I resorted to systemic weed killer first time ever, I wish more younger people cared about their gardens, think of all the lovely things that can be grown, you don't have to resort to eating weeds. I do however leave a patch of stinging nettles for the butterflies.

don't forget to make a nettle feed for your plants, also comfy makes a great feed for plant, but it stinks terrible so keep it at the end of the garden until you need to use it, also keep it covered.


My nettle and comfrey feeds are at the end of the garden, but it's only 15 ft from the neighbours back door. Oops

Just checked on my nettle & comfrey bin, getting quite whiffy already so popped a lid on last night. Blown off this morning and found one of my cats balancing on edge drinking the 'melly liquor!! She is now sitting on the couch looking mystified as to why other cats won't go near her!!

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