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When we went to Canada in the summer holidays, we were driving in the Rockies when we saw a mother bear with two bear cubs run across the road infont of us. Mum tried to grab the camera but they were too fast. The best thing was there was no one else on the road so we were the only people who saw them.
Hi, I too have just got back from canada (yesterday - the east coast Quebec) my family live there and we go every year to parents own 19.5 acres of wood land. It is truly amazing with wildlife and plants that I have only seen in books in England. we were told by the local park rangers to be very careful as they have had sightings of a bear in the area. Having a child I was told not to let him roam in the woods on his own and to stay near the house at all times. we were told that it was a black bear but we still had to be very careful as they could bite like a dog and be very nasty. One night when all was still outside we heard a twig snap so we crept to the window to have a peek. well see a bear in the wild is amazing but this bear - gosh the size was another thing. standing next to the wheelie bin and trying to see what was inside we just watcheD as this bear stretched as tall as it could bUT could only just reach the top and with one big push knocked the bin over and went inside. It was a sweetie so small that we all laughed and breathed a sigh of relief, until in the shadow we saw the biggest, blackest bear ever, we all jumped and just froze! the bear came over next to the house and just picked up the other little bear and disappeared into the woods. We all just looked at each other in silence.

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