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I too also have a fatsia to blend in with my tropical garden and in dec it always warms my heart to see so many of the evergreen plants still looking pristine, despite the weather!

I'am also an avid plant collector,and have simply bought plants because of that bewitching enchantment that totally beguiles me every time i set foot in a nursery or garden centre, to add to the eclectic mixture of of plants, that is my garden. For example i like black plants and couldn't help falling for two brand new black sedums called Sedum 'Xenox'& Sedum x 'Postman's Pride' respectivley, but don't care that they're not in the some designers concept of how a tropical garden should look, you should collect the plants you want, and plant them where you think they look best. Don't be a sheep, garden the way you want, after all you're the one who's got to look at it all year,enjoy.

p.s. happy new year to everyone, lets hope this year will be a little drier!

My Fatsia is also blooming as is my camillia and azealea. If the weather turns very cold I hope that this will not do any lasting damage to them?
I also was astonished to see the winter flowers, but they are so lovely to see at this time of year, altho' I had not realised that they also are fragrant! I must have a sniff tmorrow.

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