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I am having the same problem as Christina. I have put out bird feeders but have seen them being visited by rats. We live close to fields and rats have been a problem in the past. I would be very interested to hear whether anyone has found a way to deter the rats but encourage the birds.
Birds do not seem to be coming to my garden to feed any more. I put out a variety of food,I do get quite a few pidgieons could be this be the course? Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
I am feeding sunbirds with sugar solution. They are breeding now twice faster then usual. I made the feeder my self: you can see the instructions at Alon Israel
I recntly bought a bird feeder that sticks on the window, as my dad cannot see well - fine until we've ended up with seagulls sitting on the windsill trying to eat the goodies. Any suggestions for feeding garden birds, but NOT the seagulls - who also come to our back door and steal odd dog food biscuits out from under their noses!
Can anyone help with feeding birds but deterring seagulls? They knock over the bird bath (or stand in it) and nick all the food Cages don't work --they stand on it and frighten the small birds

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