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We have spent many happy hours watching lots and lots of blackbirds feasting off our crab apples, especially during the snow as they were so visible and well above the 12 ins of snow!! Norfolk.
At the moment I have 6 feeders hanging from my rotary drier which is near my kitchen window so I can happily watch all the birds. I give them peanuts, sunflower hearts, mealworms,suet and cereal cakes and fat balls.I live near a stream so get a wide variety of birds in-robins,tits,sparrows,nut hatch, goldcrest to name some. I also get lots of long tailed tits-they come in large numbers with about 6 hanging from each feeder. I notice that when they are in the other birds hang back on the sidelines and then nip in when they get a chance.Fot the 'ground' feeders I put their food in trays on top of the barbecue or patio table so that my Labrador cannot help them eat their feast! Happy New Year to you all
I only have three feeders halfway down my garden,containing peanuts,fatballs and seed with a safe haven of privots on both sides in case cats happen to show their face and like Josephine i also get various tits feeding, blackbirds,the odd siskin now and again and house sparrows that seem to fly in from all directions. I have a nesting box on the side of my garage with a pair of blue tits going in and out so hopefully they will use this to bring up their young this year. It will be nice to sit on the garden seat and watch the parents flying in and out with food in their beaks feeding the young.Wishing you all a happy new year
Our garden is a battle ground at the moment! I gave my husband assorted feeders & food for the birds this Christmas. There are regular stand-offs between blackbirds and robins. Watching their posturing is very interesting. Dunnock, bullfinch & tit varieties are much more polite & wait their turn. A pair of robins always appears when I feed my big Clydesdale horse. They like the soaked sugarbeet!
I'm feeling guilty now as i have recently cut down a huge bush full of berries in my garden.........and feel i've denied the birds a winter feast...will buy fat balls at the first opportunity


As well as plenty of birdlife, we seem to be inundated with squirrels. Three at the last count. They're the best fed squirrels around here!
Ive invested in two squirrel proof bird feeders to try and hold my three resident squirrels at bay. However, they seem to have outsmarted the manufacturers to the feeder as they appear quite happy hanging upside down on the feeder and tucking in quite nicely
I am having the same problem with squirrels. I even bought a squirrel feeder and keep it well stocked with squirrel food, but they seem to prefer the challenge of getting to the bird feeders. They've managed to get the feeder with the fat balls down and have demolished them within a day!
The beginning of the year has seen the return of Redwings to our garden. These birds have visited our garden for the last four years to strip our Cottoneaster tree of its fruit, which takes them less than a week, and then their gone until next year (hopefully). Our resident Song-thrush, which is of course a relative of the Redwing, stays at the other end of the garden while her relatives, about thirty in number, clear the berries at an amazing rate. There is fruit left on only the lower branches at the moment, and I guess another day or two will see our guests complete their task and depart.
...ooh, and a whole lot of long-tailed tits have just turned up to feed on the crushed fat balls I put out only minutes ago....and the blackbirds are already ripping out the flesh of the halved apples (my lap top is in the bay window right now!)
The blackbirds have stripped off huge crops of berberis and cotoneaster- but neighbours' cats make them reluctant ground feeders. Also, last year a rat became so convinced that the patio and garden seed etc was for him/her that it peered through the patio window one day. It's now gone but we don't want it back- how best to feed the blackbirds?
I'm new to birdfeeding as of last August, but am delighted to say that after 2-3months I have regular Robins and Collard Doves feed from my ground-feeders. Even with two cats of mine, the birds know when they're in or out. I changed the variety of feed in the hangers (not completely filled), sunflower hearts, peanuts, ground-feeders with all sizes of seed and meal worms (which hedgehogs like too). Today, I noticed a family of Blue Tits visiting the hanger containing sunflower hearts. Fat balls don't always work. Have also put a dish of water too. Glad for any more advice?
Nina --blackbirds love mealworms (dried or wriggly) they will come right close too. They also love raisins Our blackbird would stuff 5 in at once!
Snow Day. I have fed the birds in my garden for 4 years now starting my garden from a blank canvas but, as a full time worker I only get to see a passing bird as I look out of a window....Today like many I have an unexpected day off,So I took the time to sit and watch( a new year resolution!), who was about in the the snow. I put out some fresh seed on my snow covered patio table and a fresh bowl of water closed the patio door then sat and waited with my hot cup of morning tea.... To my joy as I took my first sip of tea along came not one, but two Robins, one Bluetit, four Collared Doves, one fat woodpigeon, one Songthrush, one Blackbird, one Wagtail and darting around the snow capped patio pots one Wren...Phew! And all in only 30 minutes.
Today I've been watching two Pied Wagtails seeing off the rest of the garden birdlife in the quest for food. They seem to spend more time fending off the likes of Chaffinches and Blackbirds than eating.


This is my 3rd day at home because of the snow. I live in the Medway Towns (Kent) and see the same Robins, Collared Doves and Mr & Mrs Blackbirds! No sight of the Bluetits, probably due to the intermittent snow showers. Blackbirds do seem to feed from the plump sultanas in the feed mix I've bought! Have put out fresh water and fat balls in a dish.
Well, it's hopefully back to work tomorrow and I will miss seeing the birds feeding throughout the day, but know they'll be OK. I was pleased to have seen a Song Thrush for the first time yesterday morning (Sat). So, there's hope to see more varieties arrive in my semi-rural garden.
There's still an amazing number of birds in the garden, on the brid table and at the feeders, and it looks as if they're still feeling 'the pinch' so, go on why not pop out and give them a few more meals??
I put out niger seeds for the goldfinch and generally have 3 or 4 visit at one time, however I havent seen any for over two weeks now. It's hard to believe they have all succumbed to the cold weather, could there be any other reason?
hi pippa,im still feeding the birds in my garden. but am now having problems with rats,iv been out and bought traps but they seem to know what im up two