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What a great name ! Also great looking plant. Think I might have to get a couple for the patio.
No. Frost-free mean 'frost-free'. If the temperature in your shed dropped down to below freezing then it's not frost-free.I'm not sure what plants you need to keep free from frost, but perhaps oyur garage is a better option.
I have got several evergreen ferns in my garden which I cut back every Autumn. In Spring they come back stronger than ever.I wish to move two of them to a shady part of my garden,when is the best time of the year to transplant them. Thank you.
Do ferns do well in damp shade or better in dry shade? I too wish to transplant some which are no longer in the shade as I cut back a plant that was making the shade.
I am mystified by the term 'frost free shed' how can an unheated shed be free of frost. Temp. in mine last night was -1c Is it still frost free in gardening terms?


goodmorning,will it kill the fern if i dig it up to transfer it to a more suitable position?

@dc73311 understanding that no plant prefers dry shade to damp shade is really useful, there are some plants that will survive it better though. Trial your plants or perhaps search out published lists for your particular location, personally I grow ferns, hardy geraniums, crocosmia, foxgloves, acquilegia and alchemilla mollis quite happily in dry shade under a rather large Laural and a 30ft Eucalyptus pauciflora that robs the entire area of moisture. Also my skimmia japonicas do nicely on little moisture and only direct sunlight for three hours and I have two achantus that I dare say would grow underneath six foot of concrete! You just can't kill these plants in my garden. My one essential is to mulch dry shade ery generously and good luck with yours!


@Greenthumb wannabe, I would move evergreen and deciduous ferns early spring, but you could catch me doing it late spring, if I dig up a good root-ball and water it through the summer until established. My soil is light so the digging up is never a hardship and I always mulch well and tend the moved plants through the driest months because my soil bakes like a cake without mulch. Good luck with yours.

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