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Digging bindweed does actually work, although it seems like a never-ending job, especially when the roots are so easily broken. I started digging it out 2 years ago and this year I have seen a significant improvement - I can see why successful gardeners are patient people!
I have tried digging it out, but it sometimes wanders in from the neighbouring gardens. My advice is to cut the bottom of a lemonade bottle, unwind it from the host plants, put it inside the bottle from the bottom and push the bottom of the bottle firmly in the ground. Now you can position the nozzle of your weedkiller spray over the top of the bottle and spray to your heart's content. For extra protection you can even put the top on your lemonade bottle.
When I left my last house and moved to my present house which has a much smaller garden I thought I had left behind years of fighting this dreaded weed. But the gremlins which live in all gardens decided I did not get off so easily and I find myself in another battle against this invader. Battle commenced this summer and I think I am winning !!!!!!!
i had planted some foxglove then 2 weeks later that weed came......... this means war
No matter how much I dug/sprayed/covered ground with old carpet - up it came again! Now I wait until there is a good growth from a few plants together (easier if they are given a cane to climb up), fill an old jar with weedkiller and stuff all the top growth into it. They take it in through the leaves and it dies right back to the root. A heavy infestation may need this treatment more than once but much easier than digging. Works with brambles, too!


I have a very heavy infestation of this weed as i back on to a piece of field/wasteland. I've dug, treated, burned & even paved bad areas to no affect, until that is i came across a very old gardening Q&A book. It suggest waiting till autumn/winter wen weed is at it's quietest, unravelling it & leave it soaking in a very weak systemic water mix(a large bucket with a cover on it is required). I'm going to try this at the weekend as i see i have nothing to lose. Will let you know how this goes.
AH! Brambles! Now you're talking!
Thanks for the tip, Can't wait to try it on my most hated invasive plant.
The Manic Slughunter

We have hedges and fences around our garden and unfortunately both neighbours refuse to pull their bindweed up as they say its pretty:/ they don't care for their gardens, they're left to run pretty wild so I'm fighting a losing battle every Spring onwards:/

Are the berries that come after flowering poisonous

Bindweed is easy to eradicate.  Persistence is, spray perhaps 3 times in the growing season.  Had lots of it but now nothing at all.  Spray when first new clump emerges (don't wait until its grown a foot or more).  Spraying these rosettes means less chemical needed.  Keep watch for further shoots and spray these.  A full growing season of this treatment ensures success.  I have used the cane treatment too when a shoot has escaped my eye and this works well too. ,

I am currently clearing a friend's garden of bindweed, nettles, etc that has been neglected for years and with the same success.  You need to decide,on at least 3 summer sprays and do it

What are you spraying bindweed with?

What can you do when it is growing up thro' the grass in your lawn?

Keep the grass mowed, Batana. I had some in my lawn but, having mown it down regularly, there's no sign of it, now.

I put some in a large pot and grow it up a trellis every year, because the flowers are lovely. You have to watch the roots trying to escape from the bottom, though!


I had a real problem with them two years ago. I still get bindweed but I must say I am winning the war bigtime.
What I do is let the weed grow so that there is about 18 inches or so for each runner. I then gather them up and fill the bottom of an empty pop/cordial plastic bottle minus the top and cap. Carefully fill the plastic container with as much weed and then fill with a strong weed killer glyphosate.just leave and allow the weed killer to do its job.
Best wishes
Steve Nr Chester

Aceria malherbae (Eriophyidae) mite as a biocontrol?


Matthew Adams

I always wanted to try an experiment on bind weed using a syringe with weed killer and injecting it into bind weed to see the results 

Dick Tater
Weedkiller in my experience wont eradicate it and as my ol'dad used to say, "theres no short cut to a lasting and satisfacory job" so just keep going at it, digging it up! We inherited an infested garden last year, and you really cant leave an inch of root as it will just re-appear, You know it when you have a piece of root as when you snap it and sniff it, it really smells foul!

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