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We have a fig bought last year and planted in a pot diameter 30" it was doing well although we were upset when it dropped the 6 green figs it had when we bought it.. Then great excitemnt it produced more, 13 in total and we were expecting to be eating figs this september, but no. We had some raiders who stripped it one day, or could have been just one, any way I hope that little squirrel had the 'runs' because he ate the darn lot!! Needless to say we will have fleece on the next lot that grows and Mr Squirrel will have to eat some one elses fruit, perhaps the apples off an old tree in some waste ground behind our house. Yes they are delightful to watch and we do give him (and now a Mrs Squirrel peanuts)but they are not going to have my figs next year!!
I want to email a tip to stand the chance of Garden Vouchers but cannot find a lead on your web site, can someone please advise.
Hello Brighouse, you can email your tip to the Gardeners' World Magazine team at: Good luck! Regards, Daniel,
I bought a fig tree last year it is in a pot and is in a small plastic greenhouse it has 3 figs on it at the moment, when would I safely be able to bring it outside.


northwood kirkby allotment i started my allotment last year and i seen two fig trees in the bushes growing. at the time i did not no much about them but i new you have to restrict the roots to grow the fruits so i took them out from where they was. and i maid two wooden contaners and put them into the soil to contain the roots lets just hope i am eating fresh fig this year.
How is it that I can get a comment printed but cannot be accepted when I sign in, the code you have sent me does not work either.
Funny because I had trouble with the code I was sent and although it said it didn't recognise the code it allowed me in. is there anyone that manages to eat figs grown in this country?
I have a fig tree growing in a container which at the begining of the year had about 15 small figs on it. They all dissapeared and I am left with 3. I couldn't see any signs of them dropping off so are there any birds that might be stealing them? Also does anybody know if you should prune a fig tree and if so how and when.
my parents have a 15 foot fig tree in there garden it produces fruit but way up in the top of the tree how do you prune it to a managable size
i had a fig tree given to me by my children on fathers is in a large pot and 3 metres high, but very leggy and I was wondering if I can prune it.
Hi, I've had a similar problem to charlottegrace1. I went on holiday thinking I've got about a dozen figs coming my way, then when I got back, the leaves were urning yellow and all the figs but one had gone. Now the one survivor has disappeared. I can't imagine they've been taken by squirrels, I think my cats would see them off! Any ideas?
Oh yes I've eaten my own home-grown figs! Admittedly it does take a nice long sunny summer and a happy tree in a sheltered warm spot to get ripe figs butit is possible. Let's hope we get one of those summers this year!
I have just completed a new greenhouse. i have 1 wall within the greenhouse that is 5.4 metres x 2.2 metres high which is west facing, and is directly below a fully glazed roof at the same size.
I would like to plant a fig tree against this wall, will a fig tree do well in a position as this?
Sounds ideal spot for fig Paul. In a large pot or restrict roots...using slabs, rubble and poor soil. There was a thread earlier about growing figs and pruning them. The most reliable form is brown turkey. Birds love figs but doubt if they would take whole fruit away so squirrels could be the culprit. Inside a greenhouse, of course. This would not be a problem


I have a Brown Turkey Fig which I planted in a sheltered south facing house wall.  It gave me numerous figs last year and I also have a crop of numerous small figs which I presume would have grown fully had we had a more tropical climate.  What do I do with these small figs as I presume they will not grow any larger and will they be detrimental to my next crop in the summer? 


How small are the figs currently on your tree Denise?

 At the end of the summer I remove any unripe figs that are bigger than my little fingernail - these will not ripen.  

Small pea-sized figs will overwinter and ripen the following summer 

Denise..........I have heard varying ideas on whether to remove the small figs or not.

When I had them in southern Europe, it wasn't a problem but someone told me recently that their neighbour (in Yorkshire I think ) consistently removed all the small ones in Autumn and enjoyed a good crop.  Be interesting to know if anyone has any experiences on this subject as my present tree, which I had to drastically prune last year, is the first I have grown in the UK.

As to bird predation I agree with Verdun......they don't take the whole fruit but just peck away at any fruit which is part ripe.  Our local starlings seem to have worked out a rota to cover every Fig tree in the village  

On a visit to Audley End a few years back I saw small fig trees in pots in the glasshouse and they all had fruit on them. Each tree had just one stem and was about 3 or 4 feet high. I tried this at home and have had figs every year but the plant outside rarely produces ripe fruit, though it managed it last year. I think our climate is normally too cold for figs to ripen in the open.

I did have ripe figs last year on an old tree ............much depends on your situation, the variety and its position in the garden.

As previous posters have said "Brown Turkey" is the most reliable for our climate.  Has anyone had success with other varieties ?