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I garden on clay good clay at the top then a layer of dead clay wich nothing could survive in then below that chalk, I do add different things to the soil to try to make it more pliable but it remains very heavy to dig, waterlogged in winter and cracked up in the summer, I live on a very steep hill side ways on to the garden and it seems that all the nutrients that I add leach off into my neighbors garden, shame they only grow weeds and rubbish.but I do keep struggling on to try and maintain it
What do you think of 'garden soil testing kits'? Would you recommend a testing kit to me please?
My soil seems to be a mix of god knows what,,,i was told the land is an old lake bed,,however i digress,,a wild blackberry bush invaded it for many years,,in recent years ive tried containing,,i have not used chemicals on it just manually digging it out,,my question is would this effect the soil type and how??

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