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06/12/2010 at 20:00
Happy Holidays, James!
09/12/2010 at 00:53
Now they are all very nice. Always on the look-out for moist, shade lovers, so will give the chelonopsis a go I think. The Stachyurus praecox appeals too. Have loved redwoods since being dwarfed by a grove of them in Yosemite many, many moons ago. Something like that might have to wait until the lottery win, and the purchase of a suitable estate to house them on.
09/12/2010 at 09:59
The Magnolia denudata looks like sakura, doesn't it?
20/12/2010 at 08:31
I would have never thought of that. Thanks for your good ideas.
07/01/2011 at 09:37
28/11/2011 at 18:41
How do i keep poinsettia and amaryllis alive after they've flowered?
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