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I have heard that a solution of sulphate of iron in water is good for improving brown patches on the this correct?
I'm so glad that foxes don't visit my garden although we have them in the area, maybe it's because I don't feed them and never will as they are not pets, just juggle the letters around and you will see it spells pest that is what they become in a built up area. as pretty as they are.
i love foxes and feed them daily....[that will upset a few people..]i to check there poo, although my fox that i feed has a good bowel movement [hard poo]and has good manners as he always poos in the same place,,,,i also worm him...........
I have recently heard about cases of apparent poisoning of rats, cats and who knows what wildlife and domestic pets might be affected. Has anyone else heard of similar cases in their neighbourhood, and is there a connection with the recent 'KILLER FOX' stories that have been in the news of late?


Loving your work ...! i feed a fox too.. if i have any left over meat i throw it out my flat window for it..poor things they must be so hungry..
i love foxes as well,i also feed them,i buy cheap dog biscuits and off cuts of meat for them from the supermarket,and put it out at night ,during cold weather he come into my garden for breakfast,which is warm porridge made with milk...yum yum.
I share my garden with a fox that's in fabulous nic. I always put out any meat scraps & bones, close to my bedroom window where an outside light comes on when he/she arrives to see if there's a treat on offer. It's like having my own private hide but I'm in the warm & not out in all weathers at night. There had been a very mangy fox around too but I havn't seen it lately.
I have to be careful about keeping our pet rabbit safe. We lost a rabbit to a fox some years back when the children were still quite young.I kept quiet at first about telling them about the bits of remains in the garden. Later, when I told them, they were quite grown up about it and wished I'd told them sooner, rather than to keep looking for him.
PLEASE has anyone a tried and tested solution to rid me of a nightly visiting fox who is no doubt marking his territory? I have tried the suggestions from the "Fox Line" - Get Off etc., without success. Am trying Jeyes Fluid but that seemed to work for one night only. He/she ousted two lots of plants, spreads soil with abandon and when I saw him one evening I am convinced he was laughing! Help please!

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