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We are fortunate enought to have a house right next to a field which is used by a local stable to keep a dozen horses in. As there is no agricultural machinery rattling up and down it all through the year a family of foxes have made it their home. To watch the cubs playing in the late evening during the summer is a real joy. Just like squirrels I know they can be a real pest but you can't help but admire them for taking advantage of a situation. And maybe they are responsible for my Autumn sowed peas not suffering from mice. I guess there is good in everything if you look hard enough.
Fab write up. I live in a very old house, and was woken last week by foxes. I thought the house had a ghost, until I woke up and came to my senses. That time of year. I have a wildlife blog, be privileged if you would take a look.
Foxes and ducks. In january 3 of my ducks were taken by foxes. I have one original duck and a new pair. all has been well for 6 weeks but now the new drake is attacking the original duck. She is laying eggs now but the young drake is almost smaller than her and unable to mate her but is mating with his original mate.I have had to separate the original duck as the drake pins her down and "bites" her all over her body. Any ideas as to why and any solutions!
Reply to Jan: I don't know much about duck mating rituals, but I know that birds fight viciously, and that this is often emphasized in captivity. This was brought home to me last week when I discovered that one of my daughters' schoolfriends had just had six of her seven chickens killed by a fox. The birds were left out too late and the fox took advantage. The only one to survive was the only one which had been penned up, because she was being pecked by the others.
When the fox bitches scream for attention and the Tawny Owls call across the fields and the night sky is full of a million stars; when the robin sings to the moon and the pheasant gets hysterical... that's the time to get the seed trays cleaned ready for the great planting. I love this time of year.

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