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My favourite in the winter is the Sarcococca - smells so sweetly and for a great distance. My late husband was blind for 15 years and I filled the garden with scented plants for his sake. His favourite was Sweet William and I still grow lots of it to bloom after the wallflower, although the purple wallflower, Bowles' Mauve, flowers later. The red roses are mostly very scented. I love "Matisse", "Wm. Shakespeare" and John Betjamin". Sweet peas, of course and the smell of snowdrops delights me. And what is better when you are going in for a well-earned meal than to run your hands through the curry plant?
I bought a mixed bag of daffodil bulbs last year and was delighted to see the variety that it produced. The daffodil that really took my fancy and all for the sweet scent was one of the Poetaz varietys, I think it was 'Bridal Crown'. A tight cluster of white petals and the smell, wonderful!
I noticed that too. Some suggestions. A similiarity with ponds: they too are much clearer following a spell of rain. Chemistry must be the reason for this. My dad, an engineer, had an orchid greenhouse and collected only water form the roofs during easterly blowing winds (he considered the westerly winds in Holland too salty and knowing him, he must have tested that!) Then there is the sensitivity of your own detection system: your nostrils. After rain in the area, the atmosphere in your garden will be cleared of particles, like traffic dust or pollen. Your nostrils will become more sensitive and pick up all sorts of smells, otherwise suppressed. It's biochemistry and physics in the end. And a lovely experience.
I love the smell of Choisya too, so much so that I walk the (slightly) longer way home to walk past this lovely shrub on my street. Ahh - like the Bisto kid.
It sounds like the plant in your neighbour's garden could be Daphne bholua "Jacqueline Postill".


I think the syringa this time of year has a wonderful smell...I always notice it when I pass gardens that it grows in :)
I love the scent of mahonia flowers, and hope Adam can forgive them for being yellow! Other favourites are lavender and rosemary, and the rose Gertrude Jekyll, which I have by the front door. A very small selection - there are so many wonderful garden perfumes.
My Skimmia 'Rubella' has been scenting my garden for almost a month. Honeysuckle for later months, Philadelphus of course and good old cottage pink 'Mrs Sinkins'.
At this time of year I love the smell of the old fashioned Lilacs. I wait all year for them to bloom and am very lucky to have Lilac bushes outside my apartment windows. Absolutely gorgeous. When I have had a garden and when I will have a garden again, if the flower does not have a gorgeous scent it doesn't come to my garden. Walking around the area, the first thing that brings you to a lovely garden is the scent from the garden. Without the scent, the garden is sterile. Enjoy the scents!
really love all the perfumes that have already been mentioned, and many more but I must addmit too also loving the sweet smell of pansies and they last most of the year.
the smell that has taken away my breath is my lovely wisteria,for some reason i have noticed the BEAUTIFUL aroma that has come from it this year.[and sorry but its purple].i have not noticed it in the past year...but its looks so healthy and loads of flowers hanging from it. TRULY DEVINE..............
At this time of year rhododendrons are at their best - there are a number of (mainly edgeworthii) hybrids that are really sweetly secnted, such as "Princess Alice" and "x dendrocharis" which I can smell as soon as I open the door. They are perfectly hardy here at Arduaine (even through the winter we had) - however they can always be potted if your conditions are harsher, or less acid. And in a few weeks I shall be looking forwrad to the scent of the azaleas, especially "luteum"
yes, i love the smell of all the plants you have mentioned but i think you all must agree that theres nothing in the world like the smell of fresh dog poo thats still steaming, i cant wait for the first one of the year to be dumped on my lawn..
i love the smell of lily of the valley,i have just cut loads for my sister. and as for andy pandy if thats all you can submit ...... dont bother.


Don't forget viburnum. A lovely shrub which is just finishing flowering now. The smell is exquisite.
I put my french beans in and iv'e lost a few but something is eating them? i look to see what but no see hiding i think waiting till dark.any one has a cure and tell me how to protect them?? i dont know about gardening as just got the allottment this year.
i love the smell of nictiana evening fragance find it a good wellbeing smell and my jasminum officinale,im looking to grow butternut squash this year,( do you have to keep it in the greenhause) or outside please can you help, thanks
why are my eggplants beginning to wilt?. i planted them out 3 weeks ago a and they seemed fine. Now that it's colder in the evenings i do protcted them with fleece. I hardened them off first before planting out.