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Talkback: Frogs and toads in the garden

Last year the frogs arrived on the 24th February. This year there were masses of frog spawn, yesterday, 10th March. Nature is so cruel. Toda...

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Last year the frogs arrived on the 24th February. This year there were masses of frog spawn, yesterday, 10th March. Nature is so cruel. Today it is all set in ice! Maybe the intensity of light also controls behaviour. I hope I am not to blame. On the 7th I had a huge Eucalyptus severely pruned because it was casting too much shade over the pond and greenhouses. The increase in light was so noticeable. The frogs are so interesting but their numbers have dwindled over the years. At one time I could count thirty or more relaxing in the evening sun on the stones surrounding the pond. One year a bright orange one didn't attract a mate but spent a lot of time stretched over the heaps of spawn as if it was looking after it. I will have to wait and see what happens this year. It looks as if they will have to get amorous again!
I have only toads in my garden,many of them. They go in my polytunnels for the slugs & snails I find them everywhere, under stones, dug in the sandy soil and in various nooks & crannies. I have to be very careful when I am digging the garden. I love my toads.

Loads of newts, smooth and great crested, here but rarely see a frog or toad. No frogspawn for years

We took our pond up in 2011 and last year the poor frogs came back and left frogspawn on the soil where the pond was. We felt so guilty.
Richard Jones
You may not have frogs and toads because you have newts. Newt tadpoles are the most carnivorous of the amphibians. We have frogs and toads about in the garden, but none in the pond because, I believe, the newts eat any spawn ever laid.


I have always had o pond full of frogs but this year I have noticed conjoined frogs of (3)should I just leave them alone they are quite large.

we have had frogs croaking intermittentently over the last month but no activity in the pond  I found frogspawn on the garden that i think the cat may have fished out!  We have loads of frogas and newts usually and lots of spawn this year seeems odd and very late. i hope they can catch up when it gets warmer


my frogs are very late this year not a croak in sightor should that be sound . I wonder if it has any thing to do with my finding a rather large conjoined frog three sets of legs plus three heads quite a shock to see them all watching me watching them.

Hi all, still haven't any frogspawn but some interest from blue tits on new birdbox so swings and roundabouts as they say

Shrinking Violet

Frog has started croaking in the pond - no sign of him until yesterday.  I am in the "warm" southwest, but it has evidently been too cold even here for froggy to do his thing until now!  Hopeful for lots of spawn in the near future.


We have veritable whore house in our pond! At least 15 pairs of toads all in the throes of love making!


dont worry about three frogs altogether.  this always happens in my pond.  we have had lots of frogs and lots of spawn.  my mother has a new pond so i took some over to her.  she is on the plot next to me at the allotment.  will this do any harm to the spawn.

i was digging a new bed out a month ago, when i thought it was a large stone with a pretty strippy pattern, i went to pick it up and nearly shoot fifteen feet in the air, with a large scream that followed, it was a toad, dug down to keep warm, i covered him back with the soil and placed some grass and straw over him so, i knew where he was. , continued to dig away from the spot, named him timmy the toad, after a week or more, he dissapeared, but i have put a small pond in now, so i hope he returns for his delux abode.

Great predators of slugs, keeping them well under control!


I don't have a pond and none of the neighbours do either (small children..all of us). I wish I could have a pond...I am at WAR with those darn slugs and snails

Every morning I arise to follow the slime trails to see which plant they felt like salivating over. This morning I had to put the Nasturtiums into plant intensive care.

I do use slug pellets as sparingly as possible but none of the traditional methods (beer cans, egg shells, copper tape, slug hunting) seem to make even the slightest dent in their numbers.

So Gardeners who have a pond of their own or nearby count your blessings...What I wouldnt give for a few frogs!


Toads do not need a pond for most of the year being terrestrial travelling over land for some distance.

We have at least one frog and one toad in the garde. Both were under a plastic composter base the other day. I am currently considering contacting Channel 5 to see if they would be interested in a new idea i have called Amphibian wars. Well it has to be better than Britain clearly doesn't have talent or Big brother!

I had a lovely big toad in my garden two years ago - I named him Duncan - and he did a sterling job eating all the nasty slugs etc.  Then he disappeared and was replaced by a younger toad - Son of Duncan? (SOD) - but he's gone as well.  Don't know why I am now toadless - miss my toad very much!  Any ideas as to how to lure a toad back to my garden?  I don't have a pond but my neighbour does. 

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