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Talkback: Front gardens

if you ever visit any new housing developments you will find the non existence of any front garden,and parking must be provided off road,ver...

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Woodgreen wonderboy

Strangely I get a real pleasure from making a pretty garden in a shady place... sounds as if you have a nice natural background to it too?


Bring on the ferns and hostas 

the tidy gardener

I live in an ex council house that has a lovely front garden that I made,its not hard to maintain, I have lots of different plants but we do have a slip road for our car luckily; I have noticed tho the houses that are now private,people do make an effort with,both my next door neighbours don't bother,and often the grass is 6 foot high before being mowed,and the other side is all weeds.i do their hedge as its between us and they never would,the worse thing is they've put a massive plastic sign from asda on the floor with rocks on to supress the weeds. im desperate to go round and help,but I worry it would be interfering.

however,when we move I shall go round and ask if I can help(i.e. do it for them)otherwise we will not sell our house.

does anyone else have neighbours who don't bother?

does it frustrate others?!

Not to the same extent but sadly our neighbours
Are not keen gardeners. Their hedges hang over
Our drive making it difficult to access our drive
But they do not want to cut it ..I have offered
But the response was not positive.

What happened to love thy neighbour?
Woodgreen wonderboy

If  the hedge hangs over your drive/land do you not have a right to cut it back? Explain  first and then do it?



I think WW is right. But the stuff cut off belongs to the neighbours. 

Sounds good to me

when we bought our house the front was all slabs, i hated it! now it`s a beautyful colorful garden the butterflies adore and the bees visit every day.i love it now,i wish my neighbors will follow and lift those ugly slabs! hint hint

For new housing developments blame Local Authority Council planners for some strange ideas from there Political Masters 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I think most of the blame rests with Central Government, which dictates the rules the local bods have to follow? One bad example is restrictions on the number of parking places per dwelling, regardless of the number of cars we might choose to own. Then people pave over their front gardens to provide more spaces.

No , it is definitely down to each Local Authority to decide its own policy on car parking places .

Not The Government 

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