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My teenage son has developed a passion for cacti. I hadn't thought about growing cacti from seed but having read how easy it is I shall give it a try and involve Danny too.
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I have alot of cacti,some are very old and out growing the pots,this year they have got a yellow tinge to them,yet they have been treated the same as always,I wonder if the lack of sun was the problem or too cold,only one flowered this year.

I've only about half a dozen cacti now which I 've had for years, in 2011 after growing them in the GH for the summer, must have over watered them because six plants caved  in over the course of that winter and went gooy inside.

Mine get vey little sun and are grown indoors, some on a window ledge which only gets sun the last hour in an evening during the summer and the other plants get no direct sun at all.

I'm no expert as mine seem to thrive from neglect. They have never flowered although they sometimes have what look like dead flower heads on them. Yours could be pot bound and may need potting up,I'm happy to be wrong though.

If you do pot up, only pot up one pot size, I've found they grow better in smallish pots.

I have tried several times to do this but thet gtow to about 1/4 inch then die off. Help.
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I've grown them from dragon fruit seeds.  Just buy a dragon fruit to eat, and save a number of seeds for planting.  I just wiped them off on a paper towel spaced out and let them dry.  A week later I planted them in some soil, just lightly covered with a bit of soil compost and kept them moist covered on the windowsill.  They sprouted within a week or two, and grew into happy large plants after several potting-on's.  


Depends which cacti you are trying to grow from seed.  Some germinate easily and quickly but others take weeks or even months. 


Perhaps Finwatch too much water. You need to grow them in very gritty soil and water sparingly in the warmer months.


Thanks for the info, if this lot don't grow I still have some more seeds and will try again


I was confused by " frowing". Was it meant to be flowing? frowning. throwing? 

Silly old me, of course it's "growing" 

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