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The feature on apple storing failed to mention the temperature the apples should be stored at. I wanted to know if I could leave apples wrapped in newspaper in my shed - can the apples suffer from very cold or very warm conditions?
My stored apples have been attacked by rats in the shed. Are they safe to eat as the rats have only eaten a few but have been running over the remainder?

Rats dribble pee all the time, and transmit Weils disease.

I would ditch the lot.


Agree with fidget. Chuck them Ed.

That's also why we shouldn't drink out of bottles in a pub, often they've been left outside and vermin have been around them.   Dunno what happened to the milk bottles we had a school..

Foxhouse my apples are wrapped and stay in garage, so stay cool / cold. I have mouse bait in there and they are raised up of floor. I do check them often.

If I am using the spupermarket apple trays with their cardboard/plastic indented liners, is it necessary to wrap them in newspaper to keep them?



If its cardboard I wouldn't, I would just put a layer of paper on top

If its plastic I would wrap The important thing is to keep them separate so if one goes rotten, it does not spread to the rest.


Wrapping apples is ok if you have only a few to store. Try wrapping 600 pounds of them.

The temperature for storage is a bit hard to quantify, our apple store is frost free. Too much warmth just mans that they ripen up and need to be used.



Thank you Fidgetbones and Berghill for your advice. Looking forward to longer lasting apples this year.

I find that if I bring apples out of the store where it is cold, into the kitchen where it is warm, they ripen up and go soft very quickly.


Any suggestions how to identify eating v cooking apples? We moved in this year, they are turning red where skin faces sun but wife says cooking, mother in law eating...?
Fran Davies

cooking apples are a different shape to eating apples, they have a squashed appearance height wise. also they are more or less green all over.


Hmmm. All the apples on this table are cookers. The red ones are Bramley.

 The tall skinny ones are Lane's Prince Albert. The little round jobs are tomatoes.

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