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I have a type of fungus growing on my lawn that I'm unable to identify. It is of a dark grey colour on the upper surgace and ceamy white underneath and growns very close to the surface of the lawn. It has small "leaves" if you like, that look similar to curly kale leaves. What is this invader and how do I get rid of it? I was told once that it was called dog's wort but can't find any reference to this.
I too have the same fungi asPython15 who wrote on 15/6/09. Can you tell me how to get rid of it.
We have a siniar problem in our lawn. Nobody seems to know what it is. Can you help please or did Python 15 or Doran ever discover what this pest is?
We had the same, took ages to identify. None of the local garden centres knew what we had. We found it eventually on the net and was called dog lichen. Treatment is the same as for moss, scarification, aeration and feed and weed.
How to get rid of clover which is taking over our lawn


I have honey coloured with mid-brown "gills" fungi in lawn. I thought "Honey Fungus" smells of honey - these don't. A cheery tree was felled 2 metres away. Are they honey fungus no bootlace rhizomorphs found? If so should the the ground be treated with a strong anti fungal chemical? I am environmentally aware and garden organically but honey fungus is lethal to trees etc. It would have been so helpful if you had shown photo and given a detailed description. Are they poisonous or just evil?!
Fungi/pests in your lawn, It appears to much of humidity breeds fungi Try to get it dry, or else, just peel an onion, cut it in thin slices, place it 2/3 inches deep in the soil, one yard away from each other. This will also get rid of crawling pests for a long time
How to rid lawns of Clover please
Peat B
Identify the fungi and eat, as and when appropriate !
hi i found dark brown mushrooms in amongst my plants whot does this mean, an whot should i do,help didnt like it.
i have some white fungi growing in my sleepers, what is the best way to deal with the problem, as it has appeared over the last few days and is growing rapidly
Peat B

A couple orthree years ago, uner the old apple tree which i use to prevent sea sickness, I foud a small circle of small black slimy unhealthy looking toad stools. They formed a sort of evil fairy ring, which over the next three years, grew wider and wider. This year, it seems to have exhausted itself. I found only a few remnants of the ring and now it has 'healed' itself.

Who do I cure Redthread in my lawn

I think it would be a good idea to start a new thread for this 


My word I cant believe how silly people are, without these apparently menacing fungus and many many others your plants, trees, grasses wouldnt be able to survive. one of funguses main roles is as natures recyclers breaking down compounds and structures plants,micro organism ect ect can not break down, in to nutrients that are able to be taken up by plants. you will also find that alot of cases of honey fungus infection in trees is due to the fact the tree is in a state of stress or disrepair due to an outside factor for example root zone disruption, change of soil level /soil compaction,fire damage,bad pruning ect. so please dont panic and just let nature do what it has for many millions of years. maby have a closer look at fungus they are amazing, being more animal than plant they have some fantastic qualitys.    

Peat B

Fungae are, perhaps the most 'faskinating' things of both the plant and animal wold. They are both praised, worshiped and dreaded of 'plants', and yet produce horror if the form doesn't come to our expectations.  It's like so many things, spiders and reptiles, they are apparently expressionless,and this is why  we humans are frightened by fungae. It is the lack of expression in them that we cannot 'read' them.

Just take a step back and either get a good book about them, or find an expert to guide you through the first steps of fungae recognition, AND YOU COULD GET HOOKED FOR LIFE !  

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