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Easy gardening. I agee with your sentiment. In practice it's not so simple to keep on top of. Note the story on bindweed! what I have found is less is more, get some good landscaping done, plantex or similar to keep the weeds down, find some easy to maintain high impact plants and the accessorize!! I found some great stuff at
I think that the British town and countryside would benefit if the railway companies were to sow wild flower seeds on the banks so that bees and butterflies have a continuous nectar bar through out the country.
Susan16pen: I may have been a bit over simple. By disturb ground I mean that you should remove grass, perennial weeds etc. After that it really is that simple. Kaycurtis: You are right of course. There is a pretty vigorous Buddleia population beside railway lines.They also provide good cover for all sorts of scuttling mammals. It would be quite an expensive option to seed all the embankments.
Stunning and relatively straightforward:
These all look vey pretty but can I actually do this in a patch of my gaden? Ithought some care ful preparing of ground was needed and what ? Ruth

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