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Don't worry about the frogs, Jim and Doris, they are quite single minded at this time of year, and I am sure the pond will be full of spawn soon. I am taken aback by some of the posts to Richard's article, but I suppose he has used the CAT word! For goodness sake, I don't like cats or the mess they leave, but laser guns, spikes on fences, get a grip, or better still a springer spaniel. Birds in poor condition because they lack nutrition are far more vulnerable to predation by cats, keep feeding, especially at this time of the year and during the breeding period, but make sure you site your feeders in suitable locations where predators can be seen. The birds will do the rest. I wonder if the RSPB knows how many birds fall victim to road accidents? perhaps we ought to start a campaign against cars and leave Richard to write his excellent blogs in peace.
Hear Hear Heavy Horse! Richard is the best blogger on this site. I don't think any of the others teach us as much as he does. If you can't say anything nice, don't ay it at all! Dot
I have had cats and fed birds all my life without this slaughter everyone is getting so het up about. The birds come down to ground feed whilst my cat is in the garden, but if a another cat is hanging round the garden they do not come down. Not daft my birds. I believe those people getting enraged are people who dislike cats so this is a great band wagon to get on. What ever happened to loving all Gods creatures? P.S. yesterday saw a car kill a passing small bird and passed three road kills.
What a lot of hatred there is among you bloggers! Cats are nocturnal, birds are in bed at night time. Buzzards are very common in Scotland, welcome any time.
blimey the word CAT has got alot of feathers flying [hahaha],everybody get a grip and stop being silly...


I cannot agree with you Margaret - if cats are nocturnal what are they doing in my garden during the day? However, this blog has got completely out of hand with some people bordering on insulting. So if I have offended anyone with my opinions then I apologise but I think we should all agree to disagree and leave it there!!!!
How come my cat always brings home a mouse or a bird never anything nice like money.
Crikey. I've stirred up a hornets' nest, except I know that hornets are actually rather docile. With hindsight, I'm not surprised that the mention of cats has got everyone agitated, they do tend to divide people into lovers and haters. I'm tolerant of a lot of things, including felines and their natural instincts, but on the other hand, I am not a dog-lover. In the UK, cats were not, historically, part of the natural order, so I can understand why their depredations on songbirds stick in the throats of some would-be nature lovers. But, our gardens are, by definition, not natural, they are man-made, and in their own turn they exact their influence on the environment in a multitude of ways. Positive environmental gains are in garden ponds, fantastic diversity of plant architecture and species, and huge increase in shelter provided by hedges and fences. But, gardens can also have negative effects: increased soil richness decreases the diversity of native plants and animals; horticultural introductions can be invasive and stifling; close-mown lawns are ecological deserts, and domestic pets can make a nuisance of themselves. Thank you for all the comments, supportive and critical. I’m torn between the happy knowledge that this particular blog entry has been read and elicited so many responses, and the peaceful calm of earlier blogs on obscure insects.
Oh Richard you mentioned the cat word again!! Of course you are tolerant of felines and their "natural instincts", you have them as pets, but I wonder if you would be so tolerant if a neighbours dog consistently invaded your garden killing wild life and leaving behind it's excrement in your flower beds?
some people just cant seen to let go regarding this topic,hope some other blog is put up soon....some people do moan,glad your not my neighbour..if its not cats its dogs now..'move on'.
Oh Richard you mentioned the cat word again!! Why do you not take yourself and your cat lovers and have them drooling over you in 'Cat World' and stop being a two faced Wild Life lover. Leave us Gardeners World lovers in peace eh. We pray for a Cat Pooo free society...the birds pray for their demise as well.
oh good grief! Let it go ... poor Richard's damned if he does respond and damned if he doesn't. Harry Hilly I suspect you are a troll. Who gave you the right to speak for "us Gardeners World lovers". I certainly didn't! Away and lurk under some other bridge
And Dahlia Lover, you're not very good at taking your own advice to "agree to disagree and leave it there" ... away and wheesht!
well well well...dahlia lover,practice what you preach..first you say 'agree to disagree',then you moan at richard [or so it comes across as] about dogs... heavens above get over it,im with.. here pussy pussy glad your not my neighbour.


good god, i have got cats [sorry dahlia lover] i can promise you they do not kill for fun,1 is blind and the other has very few teeth[both from cat protection] i also have a dog that is well behaved so nerrrr.anymore rubbish talk and i will get them to poo in your
I sell cat food and toys and i am making a fortune out of it...God bless all cats :-) and of course keep em soft hearted lot :-) yippeee
I also sell cat food/toys/litter...i seem to be selling more cat litter this week...a big thanks to Richard Jones and Gardeners World