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Natasha yes you can take honeysuckle cuttings in the usual way, or pin down a shoot and cut off and dig up once rooted. They root very easily. I pin down pieces of as many established plants as possible, then you protect your investment against bad winters and plants can get old and woody and a replacement in a pot saves you money. When the cold frame is too full, I exchange plants with others or give them as presents. Whatever, if they don't root you have only spent time and a pot of compost, worth the risk. Give it a go and enjoy the outcome.
Has anyone had trouble with birds eating the leaves of plum and cherry trees? This year I have had many small branches broken and the majority of the leaves nibbled on small plum and cherry trees. The fruit is still very small but something just likes the leaves. Could it be pigeons as many small branches are broken? Any thoughts most welcome. Ken

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