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it was great reading all the posts i am a first time gardener just got an allotment that hasn't been touched for about 6 years while we are doing all the clearing up ( as you can guess there's loads to do )we keep coming across frogs about 20 so far i would love to leave them in peace but then i would have no plot to grow in what would you recommend we do to give them somewhere to hide there all very small and am not sure if there is a pond near by
Re: Frogs......OMG!!!!......the frogs in my garden must think I'm totally mad or a psycho!!!....We regularly see one frog at the back door, at least once a month. I thought "he/she" was attracted for the fresh water in the outside dog bowl so helpfully moved him to the other end of the garden, where the neighbour has a pond on the other side of the fence!!! This weekend, I de-cluttered an overgrown area that's always in the shade.......but is near the house...and there was the same frog....well I think it was the same one! I covered him over and just worked around him/her!! I then happened to look into the rain drain and saw 2 frogs. One adult and one baby....being helpful I hoiked them out with a small net and wondered what to do with daughter loved em, but then I panicked and thouight perhaps they were happy in the drain as I've seen them in there lots of times I put them back!! Then, yep the saga continues!, I cleared one edge of my garden which has long grass and "jabbed" another frog with my spade....twice!!....he/she is okay but must have wondered what the blazes was going on!!! the frogs in the long grass/overgrown area I think I got those areas sorted....keep moist and covered and they should be okay.....but what about the drain ones?.......surely they cant keep "accidently" falling in the drain?!.....should I invest in a small wet area and move them?
i have a barrel compost bin the 1 that u turn with a handle the handle got lost but the bees moved in 2 years ago its behind green house @cant get to it but there are bees buzzing about i had loads last year ps made a nother compost bin now
daisyD - Have you no room for a small pond? I had a pond on my old allotment and the frogs were never far away - always on hand to eat the slugs! An old bath sunk into the ground is ideal on an allotment, but it doesn't have to be that big. They also need long grass and dense foliage to hide beneath. Have you room for a strip of long grass or wildflowers? The wildflowers will also bring bees in, helping to pollinate your crops. amateurgardening - sounds like you should invest in a pond! Drains are no place for frogs, they have very delicate skin and water in drains is likely to be full of chemicals from washing up and cleaning products. You don't need to invest in a large pond - just a bucket or even a bowl filled with water and a few plants will do, making sure the frogs can enter and exit easily. I did the same for some frogs I found living in the drain in a flat I used to live in. As soon as I filled the tub trug with water, the frogs moved there and never went back to the drain. trick60 - how lovely. Glad you let the bees live in your compost bin. Kate
This long drought has me worried for my frogs, not because i cannot provide them with some water but because the reams will dry up and the heron will come looking for frogs in our road where we have large gardens and lots of fishponds netted over to keep out marauding herons. Some of the frogs struggle and survive minus a leg but others I never see again. One og my compost bins is a nursery for slow worms. They are so very beautiful.


happymarion - I'm a bit worried about my frogs, too. Think they were waiting until the wet weather to come out, but it never came. Happily saw a frog in the pond on Sunday though, so it looks like they're braving the drought to hop half a metre to the pond. Lucky you, having slow worms. I've never seen one. Kate
Hi Kate there is an old battered butler sink i was going to put flowers in but i can turn it over to the frogs i don't mind and let some grass grow long around the sink too my plots not big but we can let them have a bit of room but am going to move my chickens up to the plot ( and reclaim my garden ) and to keep them as far away from the chickens they will have to go near the main path do you think they will settle there i hope so
sarahs pondlife - could be. But it's hard to say. I've just seen one frog in the pond so far this year, feels like the rest are waiting for a big load of rain before they venture out of their grow bag, but who knows? Did you get spawn last year? daisyD - an old Butler sink is perfect - in fact I'm looking for one myself to replace the bright pink tub trug my frogs currently use as a pond! I don't know how frogs and chickens get on - does anyone else? happymarion? - but, as long as the frogs have long grass to shelter in and a pond to breed in they should be fine. This doesn't mean they will live in the pond though, if you can, work with your allotment neighbours to create corridors of long grass throughout the plot so the frogs can travel about safely. You'll all reap the rewards of frogs eating the slugs! Kate
hi kate,yes i did get frogspawn last year,have now seen quite a few frogs in my garden but stil no spawn..... whats going on...
I had newts and frogs in my last pond, but since setting up a new one I haven't seen either. Both ponds were very small, so what am I doing wrong? What water shoud I have filled the pond with...tap or pond?
Hi, I have a large pond with fish, frogs & lots of creepy crawlies surrounded with decking & it needs treating this year. If I'm very careful, is it safe to paint it with fence paint (timbercare)? It says it's waterproof so should'nt get any run off if it rains. Would be so greatful for some advice. Thanks
a corridor for the frogs shouldn't be a problem my plot backs onto an unused plot ( not been touched for about 8 years like mine my new friend Burt tells me ) and on my plot i have given up a patch about 6ft wide and 20 ft long at the back of my shed because its just not worth trying to save it a the mo it full of old rubble glass wire wood plastic and everything that people have dumped i did say i would tackle it one day but i could just leave it
Help! I have three of the plastic compost bins with lids. They are approximately 4feet high. Recently on turning the compost in the bin I haven't used for several months I found a very alert and healthy looking frog. I'm not sure how he got in as there are no gaps, although it may have been when I tipped in a bag of leaf mould a couple of months ago. Anyway I left the lid open for a while so he could escape but he chose to stay. With the lid shut he is effectively trapped. Is this okay or should I physically remove him to a more free environment?
I made a small garden pond last year, added tadpoles and fish. The tadpoles disappeared and I assumed the fish ate them. We were still feeding the fish beacuse they were surfacing every night but unfortunately they all died with their mouths open, full of food and sticking to the 6inches of ice. One frog returned to the pond and my son said “we’ll have frogs this year.” “Not with one frog we won’t”. I replied worried because he’s now 13yrs. Anyway, I found a source of approx 100 tadpoles. We now have 1cm frogs and still several tadpoles. I have put in oxygenating plants which the tadpoles have been enjoying. The plants are survivng and growing. However, I was taking out dead leaves and found a green almost silky like webbing at the base of the pond and wondered if this had something to do with frogs? If any could advise what it is? We are installing a filter and pump before we buy more fish but should we wait until all the tadpoles have developed into frogs? I very much appreciate any advise.
We are in a severe drought. The cracks in the ground are forming. We can only spot water. I saved these frog eggs from our pond before we drained it for repair. Now they are getting their legs, yet I just found a dead, dried up grown frog. What could I set up today before I leave town tomorrow,for 7 days. There is just one small garden that we are watering because of the butterfly bush that is supporting the butterflies. Help a.s.a.p.


I have a dilemna ... I want to cut my grass but its moving with baby frogs/toads(?) ... don't want to kill them or disturb their habitat too much. I live in a rural, coastal location not close to a river. I would welcome any advise on what I should do?
do you think the dry weather has stop our frogs from producing frogspawn,,,i have seen a good few frogs in my garden but no spawn yet!!!! is it to early or is it just the warm weather thats stopped things.

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